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fccli(1m)							     fccli(1m)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     fccli - FibreVault	Status/Configuration Command Line Interface

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     The command line syntax of	fccli takes multiple flavors depending on the

     fccli getversion [-h hostname]
     fccli getstatus [-h hostname] [-c channel-ID [-e enclosure-ID]]
     fccli command [-h hostname] -c channel-ID -t tid_1	[tid_2 .. [tid_n]]

     where command is one of the following:
		    insert, remove, ledon, ledoff, flash, bypass, unbypass.

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     fcagent and fccli have been deprecated in favor of	a new fibre channel
     drive manager sesdaemon and sesmgr.  Accordingly, fcagent is now
     chkconfig off by default.

     The fccli command is a user front end to fcagent which collects status of
     all FibreVault enclosures and allows for configuration changes.

COMMANDS    [Toc]    [Back]

     getversion	    this command will report the version level of fcagent.

     getstatus	    this command reports status	of FibreVault enclosures. The
		    interface is in the	form of	a hierarchy where the user can
		    get	brief summary channel status at	one extreme and
		    detailed enclosure status at the other extreme.

     remove	    this command will prepare a	drive for physical removal,
		    i.e. will spin-down	the specified disk drive, and bypass
		    it to logically remove it from the FC loop.

     insert	    this command will prepare a	drive for operation, after
		    being physically introduced	into the enclosure, i.e. will
		    unbypass it	to logically introduce it onto the FC loop and
		    spin it up.

     ledon	    this command will turn "ON"	the amber "LED"	associated
		    with the specified disk device.

     ledoff	    this command will turn "OFF" the amber "LED" associated
		    with the specified disk device.

     flash	    this command will "FLASH" the amber	"LED" associated with
		    the	specified disk device. This "flashing" mode will
		    persist until either an ledon or ledoff command is issued.

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fccli(1m)							     fccli(1m)

     bypass	    this command will logically	remove the specified disk
		    device from	the FC loop.

     unbypass	    this command will logical introduce	the specified disk
		    device onto	the FC loop.


     -h	hostname    use	this option to communicate with	an instance of fcagent
		    running on a remote	machine.

     -c	channel-ID  use	this option to direct a	command	at a particular	FC

     -e	enclosure-ID
		    use	this option (getstatus command only) in	conjunction
		    with the -c	option to obtain more detailed status about a
		    particular enclosure.

     -t	tid_1 [tid_2 ..	[tid_n]]
		    use	this option(s) (insert,	remove,	ledon, ledoff, flash,
		    bypass, unbypass commands only) in conjunction with	the -c
		    option to direct an	action at a particular drive or	set of

EXAMPLES    [Toc]    [Back]

     Obtaining the revision level of the instance of fcagent running on	remote
     machine betelguese:

	  fccli	getversion -h betelguese

	  sample output:

	  FC JBOD Agent	version	1.0, Mon May 19	17:16:48 PDT 1997

     Obtaining a brief channel status summary:

	  fccli	getstatus

	  sample output:

	     24	  |   OK       FAIL	 OK	    OK
	     25	  |

     The example shows that channel 24 has one or more enclosures reporting a
     power supply fault. Channel 25 shows no status which indicates one	of
     three possibilities.

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fccli(1m)							     fccli(1m)

     o	There are no FC	device(s) connect to the channel.
     o	There are no FibreVaults(s) connect to the channel (e.g. fibre RAID
	may be connected).
     o	There is a communication problem with the FibreVault.

     Obtaining a more detailed enclosure summary of channel 24:

	  fccli	getstatus -c 24

	  sample output:

		4   |	OK	 FAIL	   OK	      OK
		5   |	OK	 FAIL	   OK	      OK

     The example shows two connected FibreVault	enclosures connected to
     channel 24, IDs 4 and 5, with a power supply fault	in each. It should be
     noted that	fccli cannot differentiate between a failed power supply and
     one that is present but powered down.

     Obtaining a detailed status of enclosure 4	on channel 24:

	  fccli	getstatus -c 24	-e 4

	  sample output:

	   Enclosure 4,	status FAIL
	   Vendor ID:	  CLARiiON
	   Product ID:	  DISK ENC
	   LCC SN#:
	   LCC Mfg. Date:
	   LCC code rev:  003
	   FRUs:	  10 disk slot(s)
			  1 fan	slot(s)
			  2 power supply slot(s)
			  1 peer LCC slot(s)

	   | [ 4] FAIL				   |	  |
	   +---------------------------------------+	  |
	   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | P	  |
	   | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | O | B | B | E	L |
	   | K | K | K | K | K | K | K | K | P | P | E	L |
	   | 40| 41| 42| 43| 44| 45| 46| 47| 48| 49| R	C |
	   +---------------------------------------+	  |
	   |		   FANS	 OK		   |  OK  |
	   |	  PS0 FAIL	     PS1  OK	   |	  |

     The example shows a power supply fault on power supply FRU	0.

									Page 3

fccli(1m)							     fccli(1m)

     Additionally, disk	FRUs 48	and 49,	although physically present, have been

     Illuminating the amber LEDs associated with disk FRUs 45-49 on channel

	  fccli	ledon -c 24 -t 45 46 47	48 49

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     fcagent(1M), sesdaemon(1M), sesmgr(1M)

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