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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     dtUtilities - customization panel for choosing viewers & editors

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]


DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The dtUtilities customization panel lets the user choose favorite utility
     programs for use in the IRIX Interactive Desktop.	For example, the
     program chosen as the user's Text Editor will be used any time the	user
     double-clicks a text icon;	the contents of	the text file will appear in
     that editor.  Similarly, the program chosen as the	user's Web Browser
     will be used any time the user double-clicks a webjumper (or jumpsite)
     icon.  These preferences are saved	on a per-user basis and	remembered
     across login sessions.

     The dtUtilities panel can be run from the toolchest (Desktop > Customize
     > Utilities), from	the Desktop customization panel	by clicking the
     Utilities...  pushbutton, or from the Unix	shell command line.  Like most
     other customization panels, the desktop panel has the ``runonce''
     feature, meaning only one instance	of the application will	run at one
     time.  Attempting to launch the application a second time will have the
     effect of deiconifying the	application window or popping it to the	top on
     the current desk.

     The panel presents	a set of six rollover menus:

	  Text Editor
	  HTML Editor
	  Web Browser
	  Image	Viewer
	  Book Viewer
	  PostScript Viewer

     Each menu has at least two	choices	available.  Most choices are available
     for installation off the IRIX distribution	CD.  Choices that appear in
     dimmed text are not installed on the system in the	expected place (see
     the FILES section for a list of the expected locations).

     The Text Editor rollover has an additional	choice called Other... that
     brings up a small dialog box into which the user can type any installed
     program desired as	text editor.  In a future release, the other rollover
     menus may also provide a means for	specifying any installed program.  The
     Text Editor rollover menu used to appear on the desktop(1)	customization
     panel in previous releases	of IRIX.

     For more information about	the entire IRIX	Interactive Desktop
     environment and about the XUSERFILESEARCHPATH environment variable, see
     the IID(1)	man page.

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FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


     The programs presented as choices in this panel are assumed to be
     installed in the following	locations on the system, from the indicated
     software distribution products:

     Programs			 Expected locations	     Product
     --------			 ------------------	     -------
     Text Editors:
	 Jot			 /usr/sbin/jot		     desktop_tools
	 Vi (text-based)	 /usr/bin/vi		     eoe
	 NEdit			 /usr/sbin/nedit	     nedit
	 Emacs (text-based)	 /usr/gnu/bin/emacs	     gnu

     HTML Editors:
	 CosmoCreate		 /usr/sbin/CosmoCreate	     cosmocreate
	 WebMagic		 /usr/sbin/webmagic	     webmagic
	 Netscape Composer	 /usr/bin/X11/netscape	     netscape
	 Text Editor		 Same as Text Editor choice above

     Web Browsers:
	 Netscape Navigator	 /usr/bin/X11/netscape	     netscape
	 Mosaic			 /usr/bin/X11/Mosaic	     sgi_inet
	 Lynx (text-based)	 /usr/freeware/bin/lynx	     fw_lynx
	 IconView		 /usr/sbin/fm		     desktop_eoe

     Image Viewers:
	 ImgView		 /usr/sbin/imgview	     imgtools
	 Xv			 /usr/freeware/bin/xv	     fw_xv

	 MediaMail		 /usr/bin/X11/MediaMail	     mmail
	 Netscape Messenger	 /usr/bin/X11/netscape	     netscape
	 Elm (text-based)	 /usr/freeware/bin/elm	     fw_UCTelm
	 BSD Mail (text-based)	 /usr/sbin/Mail		     eoe

     Book Viewers:
	 Insight		 /usr/sbin/insight	     insight
	 InfoSearch		 /usr/sbin/infosearch	     infosearch

     PostScript	Viewers:
	 ShowPS			 /usr/bin/X11/showps	     dps_eoe
	 GhostView		 /usr/bin/X11/ghostview	     fw_gv

     The freeware programs can be installed from the Freeware 2.0 or later
     distribution CD.  A freeware subsystem typically has a fw_	prefix in its
     name.  For	example, the Elm mail program can be installed from the
     fw_UCTelm product.	 Mosaic	can be installed from sgi_inet.sw.xmosaic.

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     Note that six programs are	marked text-based to indicate that they	do not
     have graphical user interfaces; these can have less intuitive interfaces,
     requiring knowledge of arguably arcane key	sequences.  For	this reason,
     point-and-click graphical programs	are the	recommended defaults.  To
     revert choices to the recommended defaults, click on the Reset... button
     and click the Factory Settings toggle then	click the OK button.

     Choices are applied as soon as the	user chooses any of the	menu choices,
     not when the user presses the dtUtilities panel's Close button.  The
     choices are applied to the	following desktop environment variables:


     These environment variables are used in the desktop's file-typing rules
     (FTRs), which control icon	behaviors, as well as by the toolchest.	 For
     more information, see the fftr(1) and toolchest(1X) reference pages.  If
     familiar with Bourne shell	scripts, view the FTR files under
     /usr/lib/filetype to see how the environment variables are	being used.

     The dtUtilities panel remembers user choices across login sessions	by
     recording and reading them	from the file $HOME/.desktop-
     <hostname>/desktopenv where $HOME is the user's home directory, and
     <hostname>	is the name of the host	as returned by the hostname(1)
     command.  Users are not intended to edit or delete	this file directly.

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     It's also possible	to set the WEBBROWSER environment variable from	the
     WebJumper application (see	the webjumper(1) reference page).  If the user
     opens both	the Utilities panel and	the WebJumper application at the same
     time, the user can	set the	WEBBROWSER environment variable	from both
     applications; the last selection will be put into effect in the desktop
     and remembered the	next time the user opens either	application.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     IID(1), webjumper(1), fftr(1), hostname(1), toolchest(1X)

AUTHOR    [Toc]    [Back]

     Rebecca Underwood

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