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distcp(1M)							    distcp(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     distcp - copy or compare software distributions

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     distcp [ -cnrsvw ]	from to	[ file ... ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     distcp copies or compares software	distributions.	Software distributions
     are software releases for one or more software products prepared by
     Silicon Graphics and installed by inst(1M)	or swmgr(1M).  distcp is
     typically used to copy a software release tape or to copy software	from a
     tape to a server workstation, which becomes the software distribution
     source for	many workstations on a network.

     NOTE:  Installing (loading) the miniroot from tape	is no longer possible
     as	of IRIX	6.2.  It is still possible to install software from tape, but
     it	is not supported.

     from is the location of the software distribution to be copied, and to is
     the location where	the copy will be created.  from	can be a tape device,
     a directory containing a software distribution, or	the name of a product
     in	a distribution directory.  to can be a tape device or a	directory.
     from and to can include the name of a remote machine and a	userid.

     When accessing a remote machine, you must be superuser to give the	distcp
     command.  In addition, the	userid on the remote machine (default is
     guest) must have read permission (for from) and/or	write permission (for
     to).  The exact syntax for	from and to is identical to the	syntax for the
     source argument of	the inst -f option.  See inst(1M) for details.

     The optional file arguments are another way to specify what to copy or
     compare.  A software distribution is a collection of files.  Some of
     these files are archives that contain the files in	the product.  Other
     files contain information about what is in	the software distribution,
     installation configuration	information, and tools for performing the

     The possible files	are

     sa		     Contains the standalone tools and environment for
		     miniroot installations (see inst(1M)).

     mr		     Is	an additional file for miniroot	installations.

     product	     Is	known as a product descriptor for product and contains
		     information about the contents of the distribution.
		     product is	a short	name for one software product.

     product.idb     Is	called the idb file and	contains one line for every
		     file, directory, link, and	fifo in	a software product.

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distcp(1M)							    distcp(1M)

     product.image   Contains the files	that will be installed by inst on a
		     workstation.  Typical images are sw and man.

     A software	distribution can contain multiple products.  The sa and	mr
     files are required	for miniroot installations but need not	be included in
     every software distribution created with distcp.  The default is to
     include them in copies or comparisons.  Use the -n	option to exclude

     By	default, distcp	copies software	distributions.	The following options
     allow you to compare distributions	or otherwise alter distcp's default

     -c	  Compare (rather than copy) from and to.

     -n	  Do not include the standalone	files sa and mr.

     -r	  Retension tape before	reading	or writing.

     -s	  Compare silently; return exit	status only.

     -v	  Verbose; report file names as	they are copied.

     -w	  Warnings for short files; report during comparison if	file sizes do
	  not match.

EXAMPLES    [Toc]    [Back]

     To	create a distribution directory	that will enable users on a network to
     install from disk rather than tape, first create a	directory (such	as
     /d/newrel)	on a system that has enough disk space to contain all the
     software on all the tapes.	 Then, insert each tape	in the drive and give
     this command once per tape:

	  distcp /dev/nrtape /d/newrel

     To	make a tape from a remote machine of just one product in a
     distribution directory, say the Network Filesystem	product	(nfs), give
     the command:

	  distcp -n machine:/d/newrel /dev/nrtape "nfs*"

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     If	you are	using a	tape to	copy the distribution, it should be the	norewind
 tape device.

     It	is possible to copy to a remote	directory, but you cannot create a
     tape on a remote machine.

     distcp cannot be used to copy distributions from CD-ROM to	a directory,
     because the CD-ROM	is itself mounted as a filesystem (one may of course
     use the mounted CD-ROM directory as a source when using distcp to copy to

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distcp(1M)							    distcp(1M)

     tape).  To	make a local copy of a CD-ROM, use cp with the -r option or
     one of the	many other methods of making directory copies.	Similarly, to
     copy an installable CD-ROM	over the network, use rcp with -r.

     distcp takes tape as an argument by itself	to be a	synonym	for
     /dev/nrtape.  Thus, if you	want to	refer to a directory named tape, you
     must refer	to it by the full pathname or ./tape or	similar	workarounds.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     cp(1), inst(1M), rcp(1C), versions(1M), tps(7M).

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