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CVD(1)									CVD(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     cvd - The WorkShop	Debugger

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     cvd [-P processname] [-pid	pid] [-host host] [-pcsnum num]	[executable [corefile]]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     cvd invokes the WorkShop Debugger.

     The executable used with the debugger is produced by specifying an
     appropriate option	(usually -g) to	the compiler.  When the	executable
     parameter is specified, the WorkShop Debugger will	be invoked with	the
     specified executable as the target.  Breakpoints and other	traps may then
     be	set on the executable before running the program.

     If	a corefile is specified, or if the file	core exists in the current
     directory,	the WorkShop Debugger
      can be used to look at the state of the program when it faulted.

Running	the WorkShop Debugger
     The WorkShop debugger is invoked with one or more of the following

     -P	processname
	  Debug	the running process with the specified name.

     -pid pid
	  Debug	the running process with the specified process id.

     -host host
	  Specify the remote host where	the specified process is running or
	  where	the specified executable should	be executed.  By default,
	  programs are executed	on the local host.

     -pcsnum num
	  Connect to a cvpcs running with the -d flag.	The num	is the
	  negative of the port number announced	by the cvpcs during startup.

     For additional information, please	consult	the on-line help system	or the
     CASEVision/WorkShop User's	Guide.

Recording WorkShop Performance Experiments    [Toc]    [Back]

     The WorkShop debugger is also used	to record performance experiments for
     the WorkShop performance analyzer.	 To do so, bring up cvd	on the
     executable, and use the ``Perf'' entry on the menu	bar to select a
     performance task.	See the	CASEVision/WorkShop User's Guide, part IV for
     information about the WorkShop performance	tools, or see the cvperf(1)
     man page for further information.

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CVD(1)									CVD(1)

     cvperf(1),	cvconnect(1), cvxhang(1), cvcat(1)

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