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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     SoftimageToIv - convert a Softimage .hrc file to Open Inventor 2.0	format

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     SoftimageToIv [-h]	[-m] [-l] [-o] [-f]
		   [-i]	[-d input_db] [-c object_complexity]
		   [-t texture_quality]	[-k knot_epsilon]
		   <infile> <outfile>

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     SoftimageToIv converts 3D model files in Softimage	version	2.6 model
     (.hrc) format into	Open Inventor 2.0 files. Scene files are also handled,
     the default database settings are used or the database indicated by the
     -d	flag.  NURB curves and surfaces, polygons, hierarchy, textures,
     cameras and lights	are converted into equivalent Open Inventor objects.
     Softimage NURB surfaces are converted into	Open Inventor surfaces,	which
     are then tesselated into polygons according to the	object complexity
     setting. Try a lower complexity setting if	performance is not as
     expected.	For textures you need to convert the bitmap image used in the
     texture to	an SGI .rgb file and place it in the same directory as the
     .hrc file.	Copyright (c) Abaco Systems, Inc. 1995.

   Command Line	Options
     Typically,	SoftimageToIv expects a	Softimage file to be specified on the
     command line after	all command option switches. Because the interface to
     the Softimage file	is done	via the	Softimage DBKit	library, this
     translator	cannot read from standard input	(stdin)	or write to standard
     output (stdout). SoftimageToIv messages are written to standard error

     -h	       Prints a	program	usage message to standard error	(stderr).

     -f	       Use one normal for each face rather than	one normal for each
	       vertex when converting polysets.

     -l	       Use latest version of the given scene.

     -m	       Read a model file instead of a scene file.

     -o	       Ignore cameras in Softimage file. This may make it easier to
	       examine the models when loaded into ivview.

     -c	complexity
	       The complexity setting to use in	the Open Inventor file.	The
	       value ranges from 0.0 (lowest complexity) to 1.0	(highest
	       complexity).  The default is 0.5.

     -d	input_db
	       Specifies the input database. The default is the	first database
	       in the DatabaseDir.rsrc file.

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     -k	knot_epsilon
	       If a knot_epsilon is specified, the knot	vector will be scaled
	       so that the knots are no	closer together	than knot_epsilon.

     -i	       Inherit transformations from parent. This will not produce
	       accurate	results	if the model uses inverse kinematics or

     -t	texture_quality
	       The texture quality setting to use in the Open Inventor file.
	       The value ranges	from 0.0 (lowest complexity) to	1.0 (highest
	       complexity).  The default is 0.1.

     -v	verbose
	       Provide feedback	during the translator.	Valid values are:
		  -v 0	Do not print any summary. This is
			the default value.
		  -v 1	Print a	summary	of the applied
			options	and a count list of the
			processed Softimage entities.
		  -v 2	Print a	summary	of the applied
			options, a count list of the
			processed Softimage entities, and the
			name of	each Softimage entity that is

     <infile>  Specifies the name of the file to read and convert to Open
	       Inventor.  Must be specified.

     <outfile> Specifies the name of the Open Inventor file to use for output.
	       Must be specified.

KNOWN BUGS    [Toc]    [Back]

     1.	 The triangulation algorithm still sometimes produces small or thin
     triangles which generate OpenGL errors. However, the errors are often not
     visually discernable.

     2.	 There is a difference in how an offset	looks in Softimage and Open
     Inventor.	In Softimage, the base material	shows through when the texture
     coordinates are off the texture map. In Open Inventor, the	row of pixels
     on	the boundary is	repeated to the	edge of	the object. This may result in
     streaks.  The texture can be repeated but it cannot flip orientation
     while it is being repeated.

     3.	 Spherical and Cylindrical textures may	not translate well.

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     /usr/Inventor/bin/SoftimageToIv	    Program file

TRADEMARKS    [Toc]    [Back]

     Softimage and DBkit are a trademark of Softimage Inc., Open Inventor is a
     trademark of Silicon Graphics Inc.

COPYRIGHTS    [Toc]    [Back]

     SoftimageToIv is a	Copyright (c) of Abaco Systems Inc., 1995, DBkit is a
     Copyright (c) of Softimage	Inc., 1995.  Abaco Systems Inc.	 35468 Purcell
     Place,  Fremont, CA, 94536	- Tel. 510 494 0690 - Fax. 510 494 0893	email:

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     DxfToIv, SlaToIv, ObjToIv,	AliasToIv and IvToRib.

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