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 vx_maxlink(5)                                                 vx_maxlink(5)
                          Tunable Kernel Parameters

 NAME    [Toc]    [Back]
      vx_maxlink - Configure the number of links to a file

 SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]
      /usr/bin/kctune -s vx_maxlink={maximum number of links to a file}

 VALUE    [Toc]    [Back]
      Specify an integer value.

    Minimum    [Toc]    [Back]

    Maximum    [Toc]    [Back]

    Default    [Toc]    [Back]

 DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]
      The vx_maxlink tunable is used to configure the number of links
      possible to a file on VxFS filesystem

      As vx_maxlink is initialized when system is booted, the changes made
      to vx_maxlink will take effect only from the next system reboot.

 EXAMPLES    [Toc]    [Back]
      Set the maximum number of links to a file at 40000:

      # kctune -s vx_maxlink=40000

 WARNINGS    [Toc]    [Back]
      All HP-UX kernel tunable parameters are release specific.  This
      parameter may be removed or its meaning may change in the future
      releases of HP-UX.

      Installation of optional kernel software, from HP or other vendors,
      may cause changes to tunable parameter values.  After installation,
      some tunable parameters may no longer be at the default or recommended
      values.  For information about the effects of installation on tunable
      values, consult the documentation for the kernel software being
      installed. For information about optional kernel software that was
      factory installed on your system, see HP-UX Release Notes at

 SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]
      kctune(1M), vx_ninode(5), vxfs_bc_bufhwm(5), vxfs_ifree_timelag(5).

 Hewlett-Packard Company            - 1 -      HP-UX 11i Version 2: Sep 2004
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