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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       ports,  port_names  - Device (tty and lp) names for serial
       and parallel ports

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

       Default Serial Ports: /dev/tty00

       /dev/tty01 (not present on a single-port system)

       Parallel Port: /dev/lp0

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       AlphaStation and AlphaServer systems provide  one  or  two
       9-pin serial communication ports.  These ports are usually
       labelled 1 (COMM1) and 2 (COMM2), but they may be  identified
  by  different  icons.  Using  the appropriate serial
       cable and terminator, you can connect  a  serial  printer,
       external  modem,  or  character-cell  terminal to a serial
       port. Most AlphaStation and AlphaServer systems also  provide
 one parallel port, for use with a parallel printer.

       When  you  add  a  device to your system, the installation
       documentation may instruct you to map the device  pathname
       to  the port. These devices are located in the /dev directory.

       For serial-line ports, the two  default  device  pathnames
       are:  This  pathname  always  maps to 1, COMM1, the lowest
       port number, an icon for a terminal console, or  the  only
       serial  port  (on  a  single-port  system).  This pathname
       always maps to 2, COMM2, the next numbered  port,  or  (if
       one  serial  port  is  labeled with an icon for a terminal
       console) the remaining serial port.

       If your system hardware has been extended to include additional
 serial ports, the pathnames /dev/tty02, /dev/tty03,
       and so forth, may also be available to you. However,  most
       systems  have only /dev/tty00 and /dev/tty01 as the device
       pathnames for serial ports.

       The one parallel port on an  AlphaStation  or  AlphaServer
       may be labeled with the word printer or a printer icon. On
       some systems, the parallel port may not be  labeled.   The
       device  pathname  for  the parallel port is /dev/lp0. Currently,
 Tru64 UNIX does not fully support parallel  printers,
  so  fewer devices are connected to this port as compared
 to serial ports.

       If you are connecting a terminal console to  your  system,
       it  must  be  connected  to  the  serial  port  mapped  to
       /dev/tty00. For other serial devices, it does  not  matter
       which  of  the serial ports you choose for the connection.
       For example, suppose you are setting up a system that  has
       two  serial  ports,  labeled 1 and 2.  You intend to use a
       serial-line terminal rather than a workstation monitor  as
       the  system console and also want to connect a serial-line
       printer to the system. In this case, you must connect  the
       terminal  to  the port labeled 1 (with the device pathname
       /dev/tty00). Therefore, you must connect  the  printer  to
       the  remaining  port  labeled  2 (with the device pathname

       If, for the same type of system, you intend to use a workstation
  monitor as the system console, it does not matter
       which serial port you use for  a  serial-line  printer  or
       modem.  In  other  words,  you  can connect the printer to
       either port 1 (with pathname /dev/tty00) or port  2  (with
       pathname /dev/tty01).  When prompted to enter a /dev/tty**
       pathname by the lprsetup script or the Print configuration
       tool  in  the  CDE  Application Manager, you would specify
       /dev/tty00 if you connected  the  printer  to  port  1  or
       /dev/tty01 if you connected the printer to port 2.

       See  the System Administration manual for more information
       on setting up consoles  (including  remote  consoles)  and
       printers.  See the modem(7) reference page for more information
 on setting up modems.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       Commands: lprsetup(8)

       Devices: ace(7), modem(7)

       System Administration

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