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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

       EvmItemSet,   EvmItemSetVa,   EvmItemGet,  EvmItemRelease,
       EvmItemListGet, EvmItemListFree -  Create  and  manipulate
       event items

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

       #include <evm/evm.h>

       EvmStatus_t EvmItemSet(
               EvmEvent_t event,
               EvmItemId_t item_id,
               EvmItemValue_t  item_value ); EvmStatus_t EvmItemSetVa(

               EvmEvent_t event,
               [EvmItemId_t  item_id,
               EvmItemValue_t item_value]...,
               EvmITEM_NONE ); EvmStatus_t EvmItemGet(
               EvmEvent_t event,
               EvmItemId_t item_id,
               EvmItemValue_t *item_value ); EvmStatus_t EvmItemRelease(

               EvmItemId_t item_id,
               EvmItemValue_t  item_value ); EvmStatus_t EvmItemListGet(

               EvmEvent_t event,
               EvmCount_t *item_count,
               EvmItemList_t *itemList ); void EvmItemListFree(
               EvmItemList_t itemList );

OPERANDS    [Toc]    [Back]

       The event containing the  item  to  be  manipulated.   The
       identifier for the event data item to be set, obtained, or
       released by the called routine.  Possible values for  this
       operand, and the data contained by the data item are identified
 in the following list. See the  EvmEvent(5)  reference
 page for a description of the event data items.

              Identifier               Data Item
              EvmITEM_NONE             None (Control use)
              EvmITEM_NAME             Event name
              EvmITEM_PRIORITY         Priority
              EvmITEM_PID              Process identifier
              EvmITEM_PPID             Parent process identifier
              EvmITEM_EVENT_ID         Event identifier
              EvmITEM_TIMESTAMP        Time posted
              EvmITEM_REPEAT_COUNT     Repeat count
              EvmITEM_LAST_TIMESTAMP   Last timestamp
              EvmITEM_I18N_MSG_ID      I18N message identifier
              EvmITEM_I18N_SET_ID      I18N message set identifier
              EvmITEM_I18N_CATALOG     I18N catalog
              EvmITEM_HOST_IP          Host IP address
              EvmITEM_CLUSTER_IP       Cluster IP address
              EvmITEM_MEMBERID         The node's cluster ID
              EvmITEM_HOST_NAME        Host name
              EvmITEM_CLUSTER_NAME     Cluster name
              EvmITEM_USER_NAME        User name
              EvmITEM_FORMAT           Event format
              EvmITEM_REF              Reference
              EvmITEM_VAR              Variables
              EvmITEM_KERNEL_ONLY      Kernel distribution Only
              EvmITEM_CLUSTER_EVENT    Cluster event

              It  is  also  possible to supply a separate item_id
              for each of the supported variable types. In  these
              cases,  an  extra one or two operands (depending on
              the type) must  be  supplied  in  addition  to  the
              item_value.  See  the  description  below  for more
              information.  The following extended variable  item
              IDs are supported:

              Identifier                Variable Type    Parameters
              EvmITEM_VAR_CHAR          EvmTYPE_CHAR     Name,value
              EvmITEM_VAR_INT16         EvmTYPE_INT16    Name,value
              EvmITEM_VAR_INT32         EvmTYPE_INT32    Name,value
              EvmITEM_VAR_INT64         EvmTYPE_INT64    Name,value
              EvmITEM_VAR_UINT8         EvmTYPE_UINT8    Name,value
              EvmITEM_VAR_UINT16        EvmTYPE_UINT16   Name,value
              EvmITEM_VAR_UINT32        EvmTYPE_UINT32   Name,value
              EvmITEM_VAR_UINT64        EvmTYPE_UINT64   Name,value
              EvmITEM_VAR_FLOAT         EvmTYPE_FLOAT    Name,value
              EvmITEM_VAR_DOUBLE        EvmTYPE_DOUBLE   Name,value
              EvmITEM_VAR_STRING        EvmTYPE_STRING   Name,value
              EvmITEM_VAR_STRING_I18N   EvmTYPE_STRING   Name,value,I18N msgid
              EvmITEM_VAR_OPAQUE        EvmTYPE_OPAQUE   Name,value,size
              The value to be stored into the item  indicated  by
              the  associated  item_id.  For EvmItemGet() this is
              the location where the  value  extracted  from  the
              event  will be stored.  This is the return operand.
              It is the number of entries in item_list, exclusive
              of the terminating EvmItem_NONE entry.

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

       Routines  in  this  reference  page deal with manipulating
       data in the standard items in an event.

       The EvmItemSet() routine sets the value of the event  data
       item  specified  by  item_id to the item_value supplied by
       the caller.

       The EvmItemSetVa() routine sets item values in the  event.
       The  list of item_id and item_value operands is terminated
       by an instance of item_id of EvmITEM_NONE.

       The inclusion of  extended  variable  item-IDs  simplifies
       programming  by  allowing  you to add variable items to an
       event without first having to  set  up  an  EvmVarStruct_t
       structure,  or to release it afterwards.  If you use these
       extended item-IDs you must follow each with  the  name  of
       the  variable,  then  a  value of the appropriate type. In
       addition, an EvmITEM_VAR_STRING_I18N value  must  be  followed
  by  an  I18N  message ID, and an EvmITEM_VAR_OPAQUE
       value must be followed by a size.

       The EvmItemGet() routine returns, in the item_value reference
  argument, the value of the event data item specified
       by item_id.  The caller must use EvmItemRelease() to  free
       any space allocated for the item.

       The  EvmItemRelease()  routine  releases any storage space
       that was allocated when the data item named by item_id was
       retrieved from an event using EvmItemGet().

       The EvmItemListGet() routine returns, in the itemList reference
 argument, a list of all of  the  items,  which  are
       currently defined for the event. The last item in the list
       has an item_id value of EvmITEM_NONE. The number of  items
       in  the  list,  not including the terminating null identifier,
   is  returned  in   item_count.   The   caller   is
       responsible  for  freeing  the  memory used by the list by
       calling EvmItemListFree().

       The EvmItemListFree() routine frees the memory used by  an
       item  list.  The itemList operand is a list of items in an
       event generated by EvmItemListGet().

RESTRICTIONS    [Toc]    [Back]


RETURN VALUES    [Toc]    [Back]

       The operation was completed without  error.   One  of  the
       arguments  to  the  function  was  invalid.   A value in a
       structure member is invalid.  An operation failed  because
       an attempt to acquire heap memory failed.  A request specified
 an item or variable name component in an itemList or
       a varList that is not part of the event being processed.

ERRORS    [Toc]    [Back]


LIBRARY    [Toc]    [Back]

       EVM Support Library (libevm.so, libevm.a)

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

       Commands: evmshow(1)

       Routines: EvmEventCreate(3), EvmEventDestroy(3), EvmEventFormat(3), EvmEventPost(3)

       Files: kevm(7)

       Event Management: EVM(5)

       EVM Events: EvmEvent(5)

       Programmer's Guide

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