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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     ra - MSCP disk controller interface

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     ra* at mscpbus? drive?

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The ra device provides access to MSCP disks such  as:  RC25,
RX50, RD51,
     RD52, RD53, RA60, RA80, and RA81.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

     /dev/raup      block mode MSCP disk unit u, partition p
     /dev/rraup     raw mode MSCP disk unit u, partition p

DIAGNOSTICS    [Toc]    [Back]

     ra%d:   don't   have   a   partition  table  for  %s;  using
(s,t,c)=(%d,%d,%d)  The
     controller found a drive whose media  identifier  (e.g.  `RA
25') does not
     have a default partition table.  A temporary partition table
     only an `a' partition has been created covering  the  entire
disk, which
     has  the  indicated numbers of sectors per track (s), tracks
per cylinder
     (t), and total cylinders (c).  Give the pack  a  label  with
     disklabel(8) utility.

     ra%d:  drive  will not come on line  The drive will not come
on line, probably
 because it is spun down.  This should be preceded by  a
message giving
 details as to why the drive stayed off line.

     uda%d:  attempt to bring ra%d on line failed:  `detail'  The
drive could
     not be brought on line.  The detail message tells why.

     uda%d: ra%d: unknown type %d  The type index  of  the  named
drive is not
     known to the driver, so the drive will be ignored.

     ra%d:  changed types! was %d now %d  A drive somehow changed
from one kind
     to another, e.g., from an RA80  to  an  RA60.   The  numbers
printed are the
     encoded  media  identifiers (see <vax/mscp.h> for the encoding).  The driver
 believes the new type.

     ra%d: uda%d, unit %d, size = %d sectors  The named drive  is
on the indicated
  controller  as the given unit, and has that many sectors of userfile
 area.  This is printed during configuration.

     ra%d: bad block report: %d  The drive has reported the given
block as
     bad.   If  there are multiple bad blocks, the drive will report only the
     first; in this case this message will be followed by `+ others'.  Get DEC
     to forward the block with EVRLK.

     ra%d:  serious  exception reported  I have no idea what this
really means.

     ra%d: bad lbn (%d)?  The drive has reported an invalid  command error,
     probably  due  to an invalid block number.  If the lbn value
is very much
     greater than the size reported by the  drive,  this  is  the
problem.  It is
     probably  due  to  an improperly configured partition table.
Other invalid
     commands indicate a bug in the driver, or hardware  trouble.

     ra%d:  duplicate  ONLINE ignored  The drive has come on-line
while already
     on-line.  This condition can probably be  ignored  (and  has

     ra%d:  io  done, but no buffer?  Hardware trouble, or a bug;
the drive has
     finished an I/O request, but the  response  has  an  invalid
(zero) command
     reference number.

     ra%d:  bogus REPLACE end  The drive has reported finishing a
bad sector
     replacement, but the driver never issues bad sector replacement commands.
     The report is ignored.  This is likely a hardware problem.

     ra%d: unknown opcode 0x%x status 0x%x ignored  The drive has
     something that the driver cannot  understand.   Perhaps  DEC
has been inventive,
  or perhaps your hardware is ill.  This is followed by
a hex dump of
     the offending packet.

     ra%d%c: hard error %sing fsbn %d [of %d-%d] (ra%d bn  %d  cn
%d tn %d sn
     %d).   "  An unrecoverable error occurred during transfer of
the specified
     filesystem block number(s), which are logical block  numbers
on the indicated
  partition.  If the transfer involved multiple blocks,
the block
     range is printed as well.  The parenthesized fields list the
actual disk
     sector  number  relative  to  the beginning of the drive, as
well as the
     cylinder, track and sector number of the block.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     mscpbus(4), uda(4)

OpenBSD     3.6                           March      6,      2003
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