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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     klist - list Kerberos credentials

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     klist [-c cache | --cache=cache] [-s | -t |  --test]  [-4  |
--v4] [-T |
           --tokens]   [-5   |   --v5]   [-v  |  --verbose]  [-f]
[--version] [--help]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     klist reads and displays the current tickets in the  credential cache (also
 known as the ticket file).

     Options supported:

     -c cache, --cache=cache
             credential cache to list

     -s, -t, --test
             Test for there being an active and valid TGT for the
local realm
             of the user in the credential cache.

     -4, --v4
             display v4 tickets

     -T, --tokens
             display AFS tokens

     -5, --v5
             display v5 cred cache (this is the default)

     -f      Include ticket flags in short form,  each  character
stands for a
             specific flag, as follows:
                   F    forwardable
                   f    forwarded
                   P    proxiable
                   p    proxied
                   D    postdate-able
                   d    postdated
                   R    renewable
                   I    initial
                   i    invalid
                   A    pre-authenticated
                   H    hardware authenticated

             This  information  is also output with the --verbose
option, but in
             a more verbose way.

     -v, --verbose
             Verbose output. Include all possible information:

                         the principal the ticket is for

                   Ticket etype
                         the encryption type used in the  ticket,
followed by
                         the  key version of the ticket, if it is

                   Session key
                         the encryption type of the session  key,
if it's different
  from  the encryption type of the

                   Auth time
                         the  time  the  authentication  exchange
took place

                   Start time
                         the  time that this ticket is valid from
(only printed
                         if it's different from the auth time)

                   End time
                         when the ticket expires, if it  has  already expired
                         this is also noted

                   Renew till
                         the  maximum  possible  end  time of any
ticket derived
                         from this one

                   Ticket flags
                         the flags set on the ticket

                         the set of  addresses  from  which  this
ticket is valid

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     kdestroy(1), kinit(1)

 HEIMDAL                                July        8,       2000
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