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 config(8) -- build kernel compilation directories
    config creates a kernel build directory from the machine description file config-file, which describes the system to configure. There are several different ways to run the config program. The traditio...
 cvsbug(8) -- send problem report (PR) about CVS to a central support site
    cvsbug is a tool used to submit problem reports (PRs) to a central support site. In most cases the correct site will be the default. This argument indicates the support site which is responsible for t...
 kgmon(8) -- generate a dump of the operating system's profile buffers
    kgmon is a tool used when profiling the operating system. When no arguments are supplied, kgmon indicates the state of operating system profiling as running, off, or not configured. (see config(8)) If...
 verify_krb5_conf(8) -- checks krb5.conf for obvious errors
    verify_krb5_conf reads the configuration file krb5.conf, or the file given on the command line, and parses it, thereby verifying that the syntax is not correctly wrong. If the file is syntactically co...
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