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 cvs(5) -- Concurrent Versions System support files
    cvs is a system for providing source control to hierarchical collections of source directories. Commands and procedures for using cvs are described in cvs(1). cvs manages source repositories, the dire...
 groff_font(5) -- format of groff device and font description files
    The groff font format is roughly a superset of the ditroff font format. Unlike the ditroff font format, there is no associated binary format. The font files for device name are stored in a directory d...
 groff_out(5) -- groff intermediate output format
    This manual page describes the format output by GNU troff. The output format used by GNU troff is very similar to that used by Unix device-independent troff. Only the differences are documented here. ...
 groff_tmac(5) -- macro files in the roff typesetting system
    The roff(7) type-setting system provides a set of macro packages suitable for special kinds of documents. Each macro package stores its macros and definitions in a file called the package's tmac file...
 mk.conf(5) -- make configuration file
    The mk.conf file overrides various parameters used during the build of the system. Listed below are the mk.conf variables that may be set, the values to which each may be set, a brief description of w...
 ranlib(5) -- a.out archive (library) table-of-contents format
    The archive table-of-contents command ranlib creates a table of contents for archives, containing object files, to be used by the link-editor ld(1). It operates on archives created with the utility ar...
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