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BGPASTE(6D)							   BGPASTE(6D)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     bgpaste - paste an	image onto the root window

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     bgpaste [-t r g b]	[-o xorig yorig] inimage
     bgpaste [-t r g b]	-n numimgs xorg	yorg img [xorg yorg img	. . . ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     bgpaste works in one of two distinct ways:	 either	feed it	one image,
     which by default is automatically centered	(or explicitly specify the
     image's origin), or feed it a list	of one or more images preceeded	by
     their respective x/y origins to be	painted	as a composite in the root

     In	the first case,	bgpaste	centers	and pastes inimage onto	the root
     window regardless of inimage's size.

     You can override the "centering" default and explicitly position your own
     image manually by using the -o option to specify the image's absolutescreenspace
 origin	as measured from the bottom-left corner	of the
     graphics display screen.  The xorig,yorig pair is defined in terms	of the
     image's bottom-left corner.  Negative values are legal to specify and
     will "plant" the image's origin offscreen to the left and/or the bottom
     of	the screen origin.

     In	the second case, the -n	flag tells bgpaste you are including a list of
     n images, where each image	is preceeded by	its respective x/y origin pair
     (again, negative values are legal).  The intersection of the composite
     set of images with	that of	the root window	size is	calculated and a
     buffer of that size is allocated which will contain the composite.	 The
     images will be painted in the order enumerated:  the first	image listed
     will be painted first, the	last will be painted last.  Any	"background"
     within the	composite, as well as any remaining area of the	root window
     not included in the intersection, will be painted with the	default	gray
     color or one defined using	the -t flag.

     In	either of the above descriptions, if either the	X or the Y size	(or
     both) of inimage/composite	is smaller than	the screen size, a gray
     background	is painted where the image/composite doesn't appear.  This
     gray default color	can be redefined to be a specific RGB triplet using
     the -t option followed by the r g b integer triplet.  Use izoom(6D) if
     you wish to blowup	an inmage that is smaller than the screen's X and/or Y

NOTE    [Toc]    [Back]

     When employing bgpaste -n performance will	degrade	because	of the
     creation of the buffer which stores the composite root window image.

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