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PROSONUS(5)							   PROSONUS(5)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     prosonus -	high quality sound and music files

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]


DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The directory /usr/share/data/sounds/prosonus contains a collection of
     music and sound files created by Prosonus especially for your Silicon
     Graphics IRIS Indigo, Indigo^2, Indy, Personal IRIS 4D/35 or 4D/30
     computer system.  These files are a small sampling	of the music, sound
     effects and instrument samples that will be available on CD-ROM through
     Silicon Graphics Software Express and Prosonus.

     For more information concerning Prosonus CD-ROM products, call SGI
     Software Express at 1 (800) 800-7441  or contact Prosonus at:

	  10 Indian Way
	  Falmouth, Maine 04105	USA
	  +1 (207) 878-0934
	  +1 (207) 878-0914 FAX

     Prosonus music and	sound files are	licence	free when used in private
     presentations.  The files may be shared via NFS with other	IRIS computers
     but they may not be copied	to other computers.

     If	the Prosonus files are to be shipped with a product that is intended
     for resale	or broadcast, copyrights or royalties may apply.  Please
     contact Prosonus for questions concerning licensing and resale of
     Prosonus music and	sound files.

     All the sound and music files are recorded	at 44.1	kHz and	are in AIFF
     format.  The following sounds are included:

   Environmental Sounds	- in the ambience directory
     crickets.aiff   crickets at night
     forest.aiff     a busy forest
     rain.aiff	     light rainfall
     traffic.aiff    city traffic

     All these sounds are looped  (see note 1 below).

   Instrument Samples -	in the instr directory
     alto_flute_sus.G#4.aiff	 sustained flute playing G# in octave 4
     alto_sax_sus.D#3.aiff	 sustained sax playing D# in octave 3
     braz_hi_shaker.aiff	 brazilian shaker
     celeste.E3.aiff		 ethereal chime	playing	E in octave 3
     cello_pizz.C4.aiff		 cello playing pizzicato C in octave 4 (middle

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PROSONUS(5)							   PROSONUS(5)

     china20_crown.aiff		 percussion
     conga_hi.aiff		 percussion
     conga_hi_rim.aiff		 percussion
     crash16_hrd.aiff		 percussion
     drm_clave.aiff		 percussion
     drm_cowbell.aiff		 percussion
     drm_scratch.aiff		 percussion
     drm_snare.aiff		 percussion
     drm_stick_mid.aiff		 percussion
     dx_elec_piano.F4.aiff	 Yamaha	DX electric piano playing F in octave
     hat_closed.aiff		 percussion
     hat_open_closed.aiff	 percussion
     med_bata1.aiff		 percussion
     med_bata2.aiff		 percussion
     med_down_rototom.aiff	 percussion
     metal_mute_power.E1.aiff	 muted metal guitar power chord	in E, octave 1
     metal_triad_power.E1.aiff	 unmuted power chord in	E, octave 1
     paul_single_mute.G#1.aiff	 single	pluck in G#, octave 1 on Les Paul
     pearl_tom_dry_lo.aiff	 percussion
     ride_med_22_mid_ro.aiff	 percussion
     steel_guitar_6str.D2.aiff	 guitar	chord in D, octave 2
     stn_bass_sus_fgr.A0.aiff	 sustained satin bass playing A	in octave 0
     strng_orch_sus.F#4.aiff	 sustained string orchestra playing F#,octave
     tama_base_drm.aiff		 percussion
     tama_snare_fbr.aiff	 percussion
     tama_snare_gbrltr.aiff	 percussion
     tamborine.aiff		 percussion
     trumpet_sus.F5.aiff	 sustained trumpet playing F in	octave 5
     warped_harm.aiff		 percussion
     woodblock.aiff		 percussion

     Most of the non percussion	instruments are	looped.

     See note 3	for the	MIDI note numbers corresponding	to the notes and
     octaves of	these instruments.

   Musical Tags	- in the musictags directory
     tag2.aiff		  musical tag
     tag3.aiff		  musical tag
     slinky_slap.aiff	  slapping a slinky
     belltree_up2.aiff	  arpeggio up a	belltree
     harp_glis.Cmj.aiff	  harp glissando in C major
     jar.aiff		  synthetic sound
     orch_hit.aiff	  orchestra hit
     stereo_uparp.aiff	  stereophonic up arpeggio

   Sound Effects - in the sfx directory
     alarm_clock.aiff	    an old fashioned alarm clock

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PROSONUS(5)							   PROSONUS(5)

     bell.aiff		    melodic bell
     bomber.aiff	    bomber flyby (left to right)
     cannon.aiff	    heavy cannon shot
     click2.aiff	    a high speed camera	shutter	click
     click3.aiff	    a slower speed camera shutter click
     cricket.aiff	    a cricket chirps
     doorchime.aiff	    two-tone door chime
     double-ricochet.aiff   electronic left-right-left ricochet
     frog.aiff		    a frog croaks
     glass_break.aiff	    breaking glass
     tennis.aiff	    tennis ball	hit across the sound stage

     alarm_clock is looped.

     Note 1:
	  playaifc(1) and sfplay(1) do not yet understand loop points so they
	  will play the	looped sounds through once only.

     Note 2:
	  multitrack(1)	does not understand loop points.  If you read a	looped
	  AIFF file into multitrack and	write it out again, the	loop points
	  will be lost.

     Note 3:
	  The MIDI note	numbers	corresponding to the given notes on the
	  instrument samples are:

	  Note/Octave	 MIDI Note Number
	     A0		      21
	     E1		      28
	     G#1	      32
	     D2		      38
	     D#3	      51
	     E3		      52
	     C4		      60
	     F#4	      66
	     G#4	      68
	     F5		      77

									PPPPaaaaggggeeee 3333
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