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wctype(3S)							    wctype(3S)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     wctype: iswalpha, iswupper, iswlower, iswdigit, iswxdigit,	iswalnum,
     iswspace, iswpunct, iswprint, iswgraph, iswcntrl, iswascii, isphonogram,
     isideogram, isenglish, isnumber, isspecial	- classify ASCII and
     supplementary code	set characters

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     #include <ctype.h>
     #include <widec.h>
     #include <wctype.h>

     int iswalpha(wchar_t c<b>);

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     These functions classify character-coded wchar_t values by	table lookup.
     Each is a predicate returning nonzero for true, zero for false.  The
     lookup table is generated by wchrtbl(1M).	Each of	these functions
     operates on both ASCII and	supplementary code sets	unless otherwise

     iswalpha(c<b>)       c is an English letter.

     iswupper(c<b>)       c is an English uppercase letter.

     iswlower(c<b>)       c is an English lowercase letter.

     iswdigit(c<b>)       c is a digit [0-9].

     iswxdigit(c<b>)      c is a hexadecimal digit	[0-9], [A-F], or [a-f].

     iswalnum(c<b>)       c is an alphanumeric (letter or digit).

     iswspace(c<b>)       c is a space character or a tab,	carriage return,
		       newline,	vertical tab, or form-feed.

     iswpunct(c<b>)       c is a punctuation character (neither control nor

     iswprint(c<b>)       c is a printing character including space.

     iswgraph(c<b>)       c is a printing character; like iswprint	except false
		       for space.

     iswcntrl(c<b>)       c is a delete character (0177), an ordinary control
		       character (less than 040), or other control character
		       of a supplementary code set.

     iswascii(c<b>)       c is an ASCII character code less than 0200.

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wctype(3S)							    wctype(3S)

     isphonogram(c<b>)    c is a phonogram	in a supplementary code	set.

     isideogram(c<b>)     c is an ideogram	in a supplementary code	set.

     isenglish(c<b>)      c is an English letters in a supplementary code set.

     isnumber(c<b>)       c is a digit of a supplementary code set.

     isspecial(c<b>)      c is a special character	in a supplementary code	set.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     wchrtbl(1M), ctype(3C), wconv(3S).

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