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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     vlDMBufferGetValid, vlDMBufferPutValid, vlDMBufferGetVideoInfo,
     vlDMBufferSetVideoInfo - VL DMbuffer management routines

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     #include <dmedia/vl.h>

     int vlDMBufferGetValid(VLServer vlServer, VLPath path, VLNode node, DMbuffer* dmbuffer);
     int vlDMBufferPutValid(VLServer vlServer, VLPath path, VLNode node, DMbuffer dmbuffer);
     #include <sys/dmcommon.h>
     int vlDMBufferGetVideoInfo(DMbuffer dmbuffer, DMBufferVideoInfo* vidinfo)
     int vlDMBufferSetVideoInfo(DMbuffer dmbuffer, DMBufferVideoInfo* vidinfo)

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     vlDMBufferGetValid	returns	a valid	DMbuffer containing video data from
     the specified node	and path.  This	call is	used in	video capture-type
     applications where	a path is set up to route image	data from a source
     video device node to drain	memory node.

     The buffer	that is	returned contains one video image, either a field or a
     frame.  dmBufferMapData can be used to get	a pointer to the image in the
     buffer.  The contents of the buffer should	not be modified.

     vlDMBufferPutValid	takes a	valid DMbuffer and sends it to the path	via
     the specified node.  This call is used in video playback-type
     applications where	a path is set up to route image	data from a source
     memory node to a drain video device node.

     After calling vlDMBufferPutValid, the video library and the call both
     have references to	the buffer.  The contents of the buffer	should not be
     changed by	the caller.

     vlDMBufferGetVideoInfo copies the contents	of the DMBufferVideoInfo
     structure associated with a DMBuffer to the address of a
     DMBufferVideoInfo structure specified by the user.

     vlDMBufferSetVideoInfo copies the contents	of a DMBufferVideoInfo
     structure pointed to by the specified address to the DMBufferVideoInfo
     structure associated with a DMBuffer.

     The DMBufferVideoInfo structure is	currently defined as:

     typedef struct DMBufferVideoInfo_s	{
	 DMVITCcode vitc[2];
	 unsigned int validinfo;
	 unsigned int sdti;
	 char pad[DMBUF_VIDINFO_PAD]; }	DMBufferVideoInfo;

     #define DMBUF_VIDINFO_SIZE	     96	 /* size in bytes of DMBufferVideoInfo

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     #define DMBUF_VIDINFO_PAD	((DMBUF_VIDINFO_SIZE) -	2*sizeof(DMVITCcode) -
     2*sizeof(unsigned int))

     #define DMBUF_VIDINFO_VALID_VITC1 0x1

     #define DMBUF_VIDINFO_VALID_VITC2 0x2

     #define DMBUF_VIDINFO_VALID_SDTI  0x4

     and is included in	sys/dmcommon.h header file.

     When using	glXAssociateDMPbufferSGIX to pass DMbuffers between video and
     OpenGL on the O2 platform,	VL_LAYOUT should be set	to VL_LAYOUT_GRAPHICS.
     This way, the video libary	will expect DMbuffers in the format used
     internally	by OpenGL.

RETURN VALUE    [Toc]    [Back]

     Upon successful completion, vlDMBufferGetValid returns VLSuccess and
     dmbuffer points to	a valid	DMbuffer referencing video data.  Otherwise,
     -1	is returned, dmbuffer is set to	NULL and vlErrno is set	indicating the
     error.  Note that vlErrno set to VLAgain does not indicate	an error but
     rather that there was no video data at the	specified node when
     vlDMBufferGetValid	was called.

     Upon success completion, vlDMBufferPutValid returns VLSuccess, otherwise
     a value of	-1 is returned and vlErrno is set indicating the error.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     vlDMPoolRegister(3dm), vlDMPoolDeregister(3dm), dmBufferAllocate(3dm),
     dmBufferFree(3dm),	dmBufferMapData(3dm)

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