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mdSetDivision(3dm)					    mdSetDivision(3dm)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     mdSetDivision, mdSetTempo,	mdSetTempoScale, mdGetDivision,	mdGetTempo,
     mdTickstoNanos, mdNanosToTicks - set tempo	and division for a port

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     #include <dmedia/midi.h>

     int mdSetDivision(MDport port, int	div)
     int mdSetTempo(MDport port, int tempo)
     int mdGetDivision(MDport port)
     int mdGetTempo(MDport port)
     int mdSetTemposcale(MDport	port, double scale)
     long long mdTicksToNanos(MDport, unsigned long long)
     long long mdNanosToTicks(MDport, unsigned long long)

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     mdSetDivision and mdSetTempo specify the conversion from MIDI clock ticks
     to	real time values for the MDport.  These	functions are only applicable
     when a port is in one of the tick modes (MD_RELATIVETICK or
     MD_DELTATICK); they should	not be called with ports in the	other stamping

     The following equation expresses relation of tempo, division, temposcale,
     and tick duration:

				      tempo (usecs/beat)
     tick duration (usecs/tick)	 = ----------------------------------
				    division (ticks/beat) * temposcale

     mdSetTempo	sets the tempo in terms	of microseconds	per beat, the same as
     in	Standard MIDI Files.  Tempo may	also be	set by sending a SET TEMPO
     meta event	to an MDport.  Tempo meta events are encoded by	placing	a 0xFF
     in	the msg[0] byte	of a MDevent structure,	setting	the msglen field to 6,
     and making	the sysexmsg field point to a block of memory containing the
     following six bytes:

     sysexmsg[0]  = 0xff
     sysexmsg[1] = 0x51
     sysexmsg[2] = 0x3
     sysexmsg[3] = xx
     sysexmsg[4] = yy
     sysexmsg[5] = zz

     where xx, yy, and zz encode a  24-bit number representing microseconds
     per quarter note.	The tempo is equal to (xx << 16) + (yy << 8) + zz.

     mdSetDivision sets	number of ticks	into which a beat is divided.
     Divisions are sometimes referred to as pulses per quarter note and
     correspond	to the division	field in the MIDI file header chunk.  The
     number of ticks per beat is indicated by the div argument.

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mdSetDivision(3dm)					    mdSetDivision(3dm)

     mdSetTempo	and mdSetDivision are irrelevant  if the port is not in	one of
     the tick stamping modes (either MD_RELATIVETICK or	MD_DELTATICK) and
     should not	be called.

     mdGetTempo	and mdGetDivision return the current tempo and division	for
     the port.

     mdSetTemposcale and mdGetTemposcale set and return	a tempo	scale value
     for the port.  mdSetTempoScale changes the	tempo of a port	asychronously,
     and is commonly used for real-time	tempo adjustments.   All tick mode
     time stamps written to the	port will be divided by	this scale before
     being queued for output, so that scale values greater than	1.0 will
     result in a faster	playback rate, while values less than 1.0 will result
     is	a slower playback rate.

     mdTicksToNanos and	mdNanosToTicks allow conversion	between	ticks and
     nanoseconds using the current tempo on the	port.  These routines do not
     take into account previous	tempo or tempo scale changes.  In order	to
     accurately	convert	a tick value to	an absolute time (or vice-versa), an
     application must maintain a list of all tempo changes in a	MIDI stream.

RETURN VALUE    [Toc]    [Back]

     mdSetDivision and mdSetTempo return 0 on success and -1 on	error.
     mdGetDivision and mdGetTempo return the appropriate value or -1 on	error.
     The following error codes are expected:

     ENXIO    -	Invalid	port

     EINVAL   -	An undefined operation was called.

BUGS    [Toc]    [Back]

     mdGetTempo	returns	the last tempo set, which is not necessarily the tempo
     currently being used.  In particular, if a	MIDI tempo meta	event is sent
     to	the port, mdGetTempo won't report the tempo change made	by the meta

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