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winopen(3G)							   winopen(3G)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     winopen - creates a graphics window

C SPECIFICATION    [Toc]    [Back]

     long winopen(name)
     String name;

PARAMETERS    [Toc]    [Back]

     name     expects the window title that is displayed on the	left hand side
	      of the title bar for the window.	If you do not want a title,
	      pass a zero-length string.

     The returned value	for this function is the graphics server and window
     identifier	for the	window just created.  Use this value to	identify the
     graphics window to	other windowing	functions. Only	the lower 16 bits are
     significant, since	a graphics window identifier is	the value portion of a
     REDRAW event queue	entry.	If no additional windows are available,	this
     function returns -1.

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     winopen creates a graphics	window as defined by the current values	of the
     window constraints	on the currently selected display.  This new window
     becomes the current window.  If a call to foreground did not precede the
     winopen call, it forks and	runs the calling process in the	background.

     The display on which the window is	opened is determined by	the currently
     selected host, server, and	screen.	 The host defaults to the local	client
     machine.  You may change the host by calling dglopen beforehand, or by
     calling winset with the identifier	of an open window on another host.  If
     neither of	these calls precedes, the value	of the environment variables
     DISPLAY, DGLSERVER, and REMOTEHOST	are checked in that order.  The
     current server defaults to	0. This	too may	be changed by a	preceding
     winset; otherwise it may set by the environment variables above.  The
     current screen defaults to	0.  You	can change it using the	routine

     Except for	size and location, the graphics	host maintains default values
     for the constraints on a window.  You can change these default window
     constraints if you	call the routines minsize, maxsize, keepaspect,
     prefsize, prefposition, stepunit, fudge, iconsize,	noborder, noport,
     imakebackground, and foreground before you	call winopen.  If a window's
     size and location (or both) are left unconstrained, the system allows the
     user to place and size the	window.

     winopen sets the graphics state of	the new	window (this includes window
     constraints) to its default values; there are listed in the table below.
     It	also queues the	pseudo devices INPUTCHANGE and REDRAW.

									Page 1

winopen(3G)							   winopen(3G)

		     |	    State	 |   Default Value    |
		     |acsize		   0		      |
		     |afunction		   AF_ALWAYS	      |
		     |backbuffer	   FALSE	      |
		     |backface		   FALSE	      |
		     |blendfunction	   BF_ONE, BF_ZERO    |
		     |buffer mode	   single	      |
		     |character	position   undefined	      |
		     |clipplane		   CP_OFF	      |
		     |color		   0		      |
		     |color mode	   single color	map   |
		     |			   (cmode and onemap) |
		     |concave		   FALSE	      |
		     |curveprecision	   undefined	      |
		     |depth range	   Zmin, Zmax	      |
		     |depthcue		   FALSE	      |
		     |drawmode		   NORMALDRAW	      |
		     |feedback mode	   off		      |
		     |fogvertex		   FG_OFF	      |
		     |font		   0		      |
		     |frontbuffer	   TRUE		      |
		     |frontface		   FALSE	      |
		     |full screen mode	   off		      |

									Page 2

winopen(3G)							   winopen(3G)

		 |	State	    |	     Default Value	  |
		 |glcompat					  |
		 |  GLC_OLDPOLYGON    1				  |
		 |  GLC_ZRANGEMAP     1	(B and G models)	  |
		 |		      0	(other models)		  |
		 |graphics position   undefined			  |
		 |linesmooth	      SML_OFF			  |
		 |linestyle	      0	(solid)			  |
		 |linewidth	      1				  |
		 |lmcolor	      LMC_COLOR			  |
		 |lmdef						  |
		 |  LIGHTn	      0				  |
		 |  LMODEL	      0				  |
		 |  MATERIAL	      0				  |
		 |logicop	      LO_SRC			  |
		 |lsrepeat	      1				  |
		 |mapcolor	      no entries changed	  |
		 |matrix					  |
		 |  ModelView	      undefined			  |
		 |  Projection	      undefined			  |
		 |  Single	      ortho2 matching window size |
		 |  Texture	      undefined			  |
		 |mmode		      MSINGLE			  |
		 |name stack	      empty			  |
		 |nmode		      NAUTO			  |
		 |normal vector	      undefined			  |
		 |overlay	      2				  |
		 |patchbasis	      undefined			  |
		 |patchcurves	      undefined			  |
		 |patchprecision      undefined			  |
		 |pattern	      0	(solid)			  |
		 |pick mode	      off			  |
		 |picksize	      10x10			  |
		 |pixmode	      standard			  |

									Page 3

winopen(3G)							   winopen(3G)

		  |	State	   |	   Default Value	|
		  |pntsmooth	     SMP_OFF			|
		  |polymode	     PYM_FILL			|
		  |polysmooth	     PYSM_OFF			|
		  |readsource	     SRC_AUTO			|
		  |rectzoom	     1.0, 1.0			|
		  |RGB color	     all components 0		|
		  |		     (when RGB mode is entered)	|
		  |RGB shade range   undefined			|
		  |RGB writemask     all components 0xFF	|
		  |		     (when RGB mode is entered)	|
		  |scrbox	     SB_RESET			|
		  |scrmask	     size of window		|
		  |scrsubdivide	     SS_OFF			|
		  |select mode	     off			|
		  |shade range	     0,	7, Zmin, Zmax		|
		  |shademodel	     GOURAUD			|
		  |stencil	     disabled			|
		  |stensize	     0				|
		  |swritemask	     all planes	enabled		|
		  |tevbind	     0 (off)			|
		  |texbind	     0 (off)			|
		  |texgen	     TG_OFF			|
		  |underlay	     0				|
		  |viewport	     size of window		|
		  |writemask	     all planes	enabled		|
		  |zbuffer	     FALSE			|
		  |zdraw	     FALSE			|
		  |zfunction	     ZF_LEQUAL			|
		  |zsource	     ZSRC_DEPTH			|
		  |zwritemask	     all planes	enabled		|

									Page 4

winopen(3G)							   winopen(3G)


     o	  Font 0 is a Helvetica-like font.

     o	  Zmin and Zmax	are the	minimum	and maximum values that	you can	store
	  in the z-buffer.  These depend on the	graphics hardware and are
	  returned by getgdesc(GD_ZMIN)	and getgdesc(GD_ZMAX).

     o	  On IRIS-4D B and G models, winopen also sets lsbackup(FALSE) and

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     dglopen, foreground, fudge, iconsize, imakebackground, keepaspect,
     minsize, maxsize, noborder, noport, prefsize, prefposition, scrnselect,
     stepunit, winclose, winset

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     This routine is available only in immediate mode.

     When creating a window on a screen	for which there	is no window management,
 (i.e., on a screen for which	the getgdesc inquiry GD_SCRNTYPE returns
 GD_SCRNTYPE_NOWM), always preface the winopen call with

	  prefposition(0, getgdesc(GD_XPMAX)-1,
		       0, getgdesc(GD_YPMAX)-1);

     This will guarantee compatible behavior should the	screen have window
     management	in the future.

BUGS    [Toc]    [Back]

     On	the IRIS-4D GT and GTX models only, a window region which extends
     beyond 2048 in the	horizontal dimension is	wrapped	around and mapped to a
     corresponding window region starting at 512.  The bug is visible only if
     the window	covers both regions.

									PPPPaaaaggggeeee 5555
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