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TmSgiPanel(3Tm)						       TmSgiPanel(3Tm)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     TmSgiPanel	- the SGI IconPanel widget class

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     sgiPanel  pathName	[options]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     This is the tcl binding to	the SGI	ViewKit	IconPanel widget.

CLASSES    [Toc]    [Back]

     The class name for	resource files is IconPanel. Resources are inherited
     from TmPrimitive, TmCore. Methods are inherited from TmCore.

METHODS    [Toc]    [Back]

     New methods for this class	are:


     activateCallback action block
	  The activate callback	is called before an icon action	has taken
	  place.  The actions are: Drop, DropCreate, Open, "Tree Open",	"Alt
	  Open", Print,	Rename,	Motion,	Configure, Expose, Select, Box,
	  Adjust, Drag,	Keyboard, Enter, Leave,	DragEnter, DragMotion, and
	  DragLeave.  Block is a Tcl code segment.  The	block must return
	  non-zero for the standard actions to be called.

     deselect iconName
	  The deselect method will remove an icon from the panel selection
	  list and change the iconState	to unselected.

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TmSgiPanel(3Tm)						       TmSgiPanel(3Tm)

	  The getRenameText method returns the global renameText string	for
	  the panel.  It is usually called as a	postCallback for the rename

     icon createString
	  The icon function will add a new icon	to a panel.  The createString
	  is a keyword:data list where the keywords are: Name, DisplayName,
	  UniqueName, Category,	and Type.  The known categories	are: Host,
	  File,	IconType, and Printer.	If the category	is IconType then the
	  name field becomes the type of the icon, and the uniqueName field
	  becomes the name as well.

     iconState iconName	[!]state
	  The iconState	function changes the icon visual display state for a
	  given	icon.  The state can be	one of:	opened,	disabled, located,
	  selected, current, dragSelected, and disabledSelected.  If the state
	  string is prepended by a '!' character then the state	is removed
	  from the icon.

     list [displayOption]
	  The list method will return all of the icons on a panel.  By default
	  the uniqueName element of each icon is returned, but this can	be
	  changed by the displayOption which can be: -display to return	the
	  displayName of each icon, or -encode to return the create string for
	  each icon.

     postCallback action block
	  The postCallback method adds a new callback for the panel for	the
	  given	action.	 The actions are the same as for an activateCallback.
	  The postCallback is called after the standard	callbacks have been
	  called and the action	has taken place.

     remove iconName
	  The remove method will remove	the named icon from the	panel.

	  The render method must be called to redisplay	the panel after	any
	  change has been made.

     rename iconName displayName
	  The rename method will change	the displayName	of the named icon.
	  The uniqueName of the	icon is	unchanged.

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TmSgiPanel(3Tm)						       TmSgiPanel(3Tm)

     renameable	boolean	[iconName]
	  The renamable	method will toggle the renamability of an icon or an
	  entire panel.	 If an icon is marked as renamable then	selecting the
	  icon will bring up a text field through which	the panel renameText
	  can be changed.  To actually change the icon displayName the rename
	  method must be called	as a postCallback for the rename event.

     scale value
	  The scale method will	change the zoom	factor of the panel.  It
	  should be a floating point number between 0 and 1.  The icon sizes
	  will change accordingly.  Only the current view is affected by a
	  change in scale.

     selection [displayOption]
	  The selection	method will return all of the icons on a panel that
	  have been selected.  By default the uniqueName element of each icon
	  is returned, but this	can be changed by the displayOption which can
	  be: -display to return the displayName of each icon, or -encode to
	  return the create string for each icon.

     select iconName
	  The select method will add an	icon to	the panel selection list, and
	  will change the state	of the icon to selected.

     view viewOption
	  The view method changes how icons are	displayed.  The	currently
	  available panel views	are: List, Icon, Column, Tree, and BBoard..


     No	substitutions are supported for	this class.

BUGS    [Toc]    [Back]

     Display names containing characters that are illegal, or unsavory in
     filenames are not editable.  That is, you cannot put a & or " " in	an
     icon displayName if you want it to	be user	editable.

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