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glTexFilterFuncSGIS(3G)	       OpenGL Reference	       glTexFilterFuncSGIS(3G)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     glTexFilterFuncSGIS - specify user-defined	texture	filtering function

C SPECIFICATION    [Toc]    [Back]

     void glTexFilterFuncSGIS( GLenum target,
			       GLenum filter,
			       GLsizei n,
			       const GLfloat *weights )

PARAMETERS    [Toc]    [Back]

     target   Specifies	the texture for	which filter weights will be defined.
	      The allowable values are GL_TEXTURE_1D and GL_TEXTURE_2D.

     filter   Specifies	the filter whose weights will be defined.  Must	be

     n	      The number of filter weight values in weights.

     weights  Specifies	an array of floating-point values which	define the
	      filter weights.

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     Texture filtering is the process by which one or more adjacent texels are
     fetched from a texture image and then combined to form a final texture
     color.  The algorithm for combining texels	multiplies the texels by a set
     of	weights, and then sums the results.  The function which	determines the
     weights is	known as the texture filtering function.

     For most texture filtering	methods, the texture filtering function	is
     defined implicitly.  For example, when using GL_NEAREST filtering,	only
     one texel is fetched from the texture image, and the filtering function
     is	simply the constant 1.	When using 1D GL_LINEAR	filtering, two texels
     are fetched from the texture image, and the weights applied to the	texels
     are inversely proportional	to the distance	from their centers to the
     texture sample point.  (If	the sample point falls precisely on a texel
     center, then that texel's weight will be 1	and the	weight applied to the
     other texel will be 0.  If	the sample point falls one-third of the	way
     from the first texel center to the	second,	the first texel	will be
     weighted by 2/3 and the second texel will be weighted by 1/3, and so on.)

     For GL_FILTER4_SGIS filtering, however, glTexFilterFuncSGIS allows	the
     filtering function	f to be	specified explicitly.  The filtering function
     is	expressed as a table that maps distances from the texture sample point
     into weights.

     The default filtering function is implementation-dependent.  The
     filtering function	is specified in	table format by	calling
     glTexFilterFuncSGIS with weights pointing to an array of n	floating-point
     values.  The value	n must equal 2**m+1 for	some nonnegative integer value
     of	m.

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glTexFilterFuncSGIS(3G)	       OpenGL Reference	       glTexFilterFuncSGIS(3G)

     The array weights contains	samples	of the filtering function f(x),	0<x<2.
     Each element weights[i] is	the value of f((2*i)/(n-1)), 0<i<n-1.

     The filtering function is stored and used by GL as	a set of samples
     f((2*i)/(Size-1)),	0<i<Size-1, where Size is an implementation-dependent
     constant.	If n equals Size, the array weights is stored directly in GL
     state.  Otherwise,	an implementation dependent resampling method is used
     to	compute	the stored samples.

     To	determine the value of Size, use glGetTexParameter with	argument
     GL_TEXTURE_FILTER4_SIZE_SGIS.  For	best results, call glTexFilterFuncSGIS
     with n equal to Size.

     In	the 1D filtering case, the four	texels closest to the texture sample
     point will	be fetched, and	the distances from their centers to the	sample
     point will	be computed.  Each texel i will	be weighted by f(distance(i))
     and the results will be summed to form the	final texel value.  Note that
     the distance from the texel center	to the sample point is not signed, so
     identical weights will be assigned	to texels at identical distances left
     and right of the sample point.  Thus, the filter is symmetric.

     The 2D filtering case is best considered as four separate applications of
     the 1D filter to the four texels in each of the four rows closest to the
     sample point, followed by a final application of the 1D filter to the
     four resulting texel values.  That	is, the	filter is separable.  The
     final texel value is a combination	of 16 adjacent texel values in the
     texture image.

     As	always,	if any of the texels used in this process refer	to a border
     texel with	unspecified value, then	the border color given by the current
     setting of	GL_TEXTURE_BORDER_COLOR	is used	instead	of the unspecified

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     glTexFilterFuncSGIS is part of the	SGIS_texture_filter4 extension,	not
     part of the core GL command set.  If GL_SGIS_texture_filter4 is included
     in	the string returned by glGetString when	called with argument
     GL_EXTENSIONS, extension SGIS_texture_filter4 is supported	by the
     connection.  See glIntro for more information about using extensions.

ERRORS    [Toc]    [Back]

     GL_INVALID_ENUM is	generated if target or filter do not have one of the
     allowable values.

     GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if n	does not equal 2**m+1 for some
     nonnegative integer value of m.

     GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if glTexFilterFuncSGIS is executed
     between the execution of glBegin and the corresponding execution of

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glTexFilterFuncSGIS(3G)	       OpenGL Reference	       glTexFilterFuncSGIS(3G)

ASSOCIATED GETS    [Toc]    [Back]

     glGetTexParameter with argument GL_TEXTURE_FILTER4_SIZE_SGIS

     The SGIS_texture_filter4 extension	is supported only on InfiniteReality

     On	InfiniteReality	systems, GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if the value of
     the argument n to the command glTexFilterFuncSGIS does not	equal the
     value of the implementation dependent constant Size, which	can be
     determined	by calling glGetTexParameter with argument
     GL_TEXTURE_FILTER4_SIZE_SGIS.  This restriction will be removed in	a
     future release.

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