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EP(3F)									EP(3F)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     ep: epbase, epprec, epemin, epemax, eptiny, ephuge, epmrsp	- FORTRAN
     numeric characteristic constants

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     integer *2	shrt
     integer *4	intr
     real *4 sngl
     real *8 dbl
     integer *8	ll

     integer *4	nbase, nprec, nemin, nemax, nhuge
     real *4 ftiny, fhuge, fepsl
     real *8 dtiny, dhuge, depsl
     integer *8	llhuge

     nbase = epbase(shrt)
     nprec = epprec(shrt)
     nhuge = ephuge(shrt)

     nbase = epbase(intr)
     nprec = epprec(intr)
     nhuge = ephuge(intr)

     nbase = epbase(ll)
     nprec = epprec(ll)
     llhuge = ephuge(ll)

     nbase = epbase(sngl)
     nprec = epprec(sngl)
     nemin = epemin(sngl)
     nemax = epemax(sngl)
     ftiny = eptiny(sngl)
     fhuge = ephuge(sngl)
     fepsl = epmrsp(sngl)

     nbase = epbase(dbl)
     nprec = epprec(dbl)
     nemin = epemin(dbl)
     nemax = epemax(dbl)
     dtiny = eptiny(dbl)
     dhuge = ephuge(dbl)
     depsl = epmrsp(dbl)

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     ep	is the general name for	the set	of intrinsic functions which return
     the numeric characteristics of each of the	standard numeric types.

     epbase - returns the base for the type of the argument (for floating
     point types, epbase returns the base of the mantissa).  Currently this is

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EP(3F)									EP(3F)

     epprec - returns the precision (in	terms of power of the base) for	the
     type of the argument.  The	sign bit (if any) is not included in the
     precision.	 The assumed bit (see IEEE floating point specifications), if
     any, will be included in the precision.

     epemin, epemax - returns the minimum (or maximum) exponent	for the
     floating point type of the	argument.

     eptiny, ephuge - returns the smallest (or largest)	non-zero positive
     number in the type	of the argument.

     epmrsp - returns the epsilon for the floating point type of the argument.

NOTE    [Toc]    [Back]

     eptiny is not supported for integer types,	it may be safely assumed to be

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