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ViewKit(3x)							   ViewKit(3x)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     ViewKit - A class library that makes it easier to use Motif

INTRODUCTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The ViewKit is an application framework, written in C++, that provides
     commonly needed facilities	for applications based on Motif. Motif,	like
     many other	UI toolkits operates at	a very low level relative to what many
     programs need. Motif provides buttons, scrollbars,	labels,	and so on.
     Applications based	on such	toolkits tend to duplicate a lot of code,
     because they must all do the same things to construct a more complex UI.
     The ViewKit improves this situation in two	ways.  First it	provides an
     architecture that supports	higher-level components.  Instead of forcing
     applications to work with buttons and labels, the ViewKit encourages
     applications to work with menu systems, help systems, dialog management
     systems, control panels, and so on.  Second, the ViewKit does as much as
     possible automatically by providing commonly needed facilities. For
     example, the ViewKit provides a simple way	to handle situations where an
     application is busy for some period of time.

     The ViewKit supplies facilities that nearly all Motif applications	must
     provide - but instead of requiring	each programmer	to write this code,
     the common	features are captured in a collection of classes once and for

     The ViewKit consists of the following libraries:

	       libvk.so: The basic ViewKit class library.  This	archive	also
	       includes	some widgets.

	       libvkmsg.so: Classes that support inter-process communication
	       based on	the ToolTalk library.

	       libvk_d.a: A static debugging version of	the basic ViewKit
	       class library.  This version is compiled	with all debugging
	       symbols,	and also contains various assertions that can help
	       catch errors due	to misuse of the ViewKit classes.

	       libvkmsg_d.a: A static debugging	version	of the libvkmsg
	       library.	 This version is compiled with all debugging symbols,
	       and also	contains various assertions that can help catch	errors
	       due to misuse of	the ViewKit classes.

	       libvkwebhelp.so:	A library that supports	web-based help.

     A typical application that	uses ViewKit needs to link with	the ViewKit
     library as	well as	the Motif libraries.

     A help library that satisfies the ViewKit help API	may also be linked.
     If	no help	library	is linked, ViewKit supplies a default help capability
     that still	provides a minimal stub	interface.

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ViewKit(3x)							   ViewKit(3x)

     For example, a sample program that	uses only the core ViewKit (not	the
     VkMsg facility), and (at most) default help capabilities, might be	linked
     as	follows:

	  CC -o	sample sample.c++ -lvk -lSgm -lXm -lXt -lX11

     A program that uses the VkMsg library should be linked as:

	  CC -o	sample sample.c++ -lvkmsg -lvk -lSgm -lXm -lXt -lX11

     Programs can also link with the debugging versions	of the ViewKit

	  CC -o	sample -g sample.c++ -lvkmsg_d -lvk_d -lSgm -lXm -lXt -lX11

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

	  VkAction		    VkMsgService
	  VkAlignmentGroup	    VkMsgWindow
	  VkApp			    VkNLS
	  VkBackground		    VkNameList
	  VkBusyDialog		    VkNode
	  VkCallbackObject	    VkOptionMenu
	  VkCheckBox		    VkOutline
	  VkCompletionField	    VkOutlineASB
	  VkComponent		    VkPeriodic
	  VkComponentList	    VkPie
	  VkDialogManager	    VkPipe
	  VkDoubleBuffer	    VkPopupMenu
	  VkErrorDialog		    VkPrefCustom
	  VkFatalErrorDialog	    VkPrefDialog
	  VkFileSelectionDialog	    VkPrefEmpty
	  VkForkIO		    VkPrefGroup
	  VkGangedGroup		    VkPrefItem
	  VkGenericDialog	    VkPrefLabel
	  VkGetResource		    VkPrefList
	  VkGraph		    VkPrefOption
	  VkHelpPane		    VkPrefRadio
	  VkInfoDialog		    VkPrefSeparator
	  VkInput		    VkPrefText
	  VkInterruptDialog	    VkPrefToggle
	  VkListSearch		    VkProgram
	  VkMenu		    VkQuestionDialog
	  VkMenuAction		    VkRadioBox
	  VkMenuActionObject	    VkRadioGroup
	  VkMenuActionWidget	    VkRadioSubMenu
	  VkMenuBar		    VkRepeatButton

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ViewKit(3x)							   ViewKit(3x)

	  VkMenuConfirmFirstAction  VkResizer
	  VkMenuItem		    VkRunOnce
	  VkMenuLabel		    VkScroll
	  VkMenuSeparator	    VkSimpleWindow
	  VkMenuToggle		    VkSubMenu
	  VkMenuUndoManager	    VkSubProcessRep
	  VkMeter		    VkTabPanel
	  VkModel		    VkTextIO
	  VkModified		    VkTickMarks
	  VkModifiedAttachment	    VkVuMeter
	  VkMsgApp		    VkWarningDialog
	  VkMsgClient		    VkWidgetList
	  VkMsgComponent	    VkWindow

     ViewKit Programmer's Guide
     The X Window System, DEC Press, Bob Sheifler and Jim Gettys
     The X Window System Toolkit, DEC Press, Paul Asente and Ralph Swick
     The OSF/Motif Programmers Reference, Prentice Hall, OSF

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