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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     sgi_eag_mount - mount a filesystem	with attributes

C SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     #include <sys/eag.h>
     int sgi_eag_mount(char *spec, char	*dir, int mflag, char *fstyp, char
     *dataptr, int datalen, char *attrs);

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     sgi_eag_mount is identical	to mount(2), except that it accepts an
     additional	argument attrs,	which contains a data block specifying default
     attributes	for the	filesystem.

     sgi_eag_mount requires that the calling process have appropriate
     privilege.	If _POSIX_CAP is in effect, the	appropriate capability is

ERRORS    [Toc]    [Back]

     sgi_eag_mount will	fail if	one or more of the following are true:

     EACCES		 Search	permission is denied on	a component of dir or

     EPERM		 The calling process does not have appropriate

     EBUSY		 dir is	currently mounted on, is someone's current
			 working directory, or is otherwise busy.

     EBUSY		 The device associated with spec is currently mounted.

     EBUSY		 There are no more mount table entries.

     EFAULT		 spec, dir, datalen, or	attrs points outside the
			 allocated address space of the	process.

     EINVAL		 The super block has an	invalid	magic number or	the
			 fstyp is invalid.

     ELOOP		 Too many symbolic links were encountered in
			 translating spec or dir.

     ENAMETOOLONG	 The length of the path	argument exceeds {PATH_MAX},
			 or the	length of a path component exceeds {NAME_MAX}
			 while _POSIX_NO_TRUNC is in effect.

     ENOENT		 None of the named files exists	or is a	null pathname.

     ENOTDIR		 A component of	a path prefix is not a directory.

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     EREMOTE		 spec is remote	and cannot be mounted.

     ENOLINK		 path points to	a remote machine and the link to that
			 machine is no longer active.

     EMULTIHOP		 Components of path require hopping to multiple	remote
			 machines and the file system type does	not allow it.

     ETIMEDOUT		 A component of	path is	located	on a remote file
			 system	which is not available [see intro(2)].

     ENOTBLK		 spec is not a block special device.

     ENXIO		 The device associated with spec does not exist.

     ENOTDIR		 dir is	not a directory.

     EROFS		 spec is write protected and mflag requests write

     ENOSPC		 The file system state in the super-block is not
			 FsOKAY	and mflag requests write permission.

     E2BIG		 The file system's size	parameters are larger than the
			 size of special device	spec. Either mkfs(1M) was run
			 on a different	overlapping device or the device has
			 been changed with fx(1M) since	mkfs was run.

     EFSCORRUPTED	 The filesystem	has a corruption forcing failure of
			 the mount.

     EWRONGFS		 The wrong filesystem type was supplied	in fstyp, or
			 there is no filesystem	on spec.

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