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xfs_chver(1M)							 xfs_chver(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     xfs_chver - change	the version of a filesystem to enable the extent
     unwritten version.

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     xfs_chver [ -f ] -a

     xfs_chver [ -f ] devices

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     xfs_chver uses the	xfs_db command to change the version of	a filesystem
     to	enable the extent unwritten version.  This version is needed to	close
     a security	hole where a process can sometimes read	old data off disk.

     The command must be run by	the super-user.	 The command either does all
     devices found in fstab(4) when the	-a option is used or the given devices
     from the second form above.

     The command either	does the changes or creates scripts which can later be
     applied using the xfs_db command.	If the -f option is used, scripts are
     created and not applied.  Without the -f option, the scripts are created,
     applied using xfs_db, and removed.

     Devices that are mounted cannot be	converted.  This is always true	for
     the root filesystem.  Administrators must unmount filesystems before
     xfs_chver or xfs_db can convert the version.  If a	device being converted
     is	found in mtab(4), the conversion is not	attempted and an appropriate
     message is	printed.  It is	safe to	run this command on mounted devices as
     they are just skipped.

     It	is also	safe to	re-run the command multiple times on the same devices.
     If	the device is already converted	or inaccessible, a simple message is
     printed and the command continues with the	next device.

     The -f option causes the xfs_chver	command	to reduce error	checking and
     create file(s) which can be passed	to xfs_db. These files are created in
     the current directory in the form <device>.xfs_chver.  These files	can be
     applied to	the filesystem,	invoke the following command:

	  xfs_db -x <device> < <device>.xfs_chver

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xfs_chver(1M)							 xfs_chver(1M)

     When the -f options is given, the following conditions are	not checked
     for the device(s):

	  o - is the device the	root filesystem,

	  o - is the device mounted,

	  o - can the user write to the	device.

     When the -f option	is not used, the device	is checked with	/dev/root.  If
     a device has the same st_rdev, as the root	device,	i.e. /dev/root,	the
     conversion	is not attempted and a message is printed.  The	root can only
     be	converted if another filesystem	is used	as a root and the "current
     root" filesystem is accessed from the other root.

     Another alternative to convert the	root is	to use the -f option.  The
     created file should be saved on the root to convert.  Next, boot the
     miniroot and mount	the root to convert.  Next, copy the file just created
     with the -f option	and the	xfs_db command (usually	found in
     /usr/sbin/xfs_db) onto the	mini root.  Now, unmount the root to convert.
     Then run the command:

	  xfs_db -x <device> < <script>

     where <device> is the root	device and <script> is the file	created	with
     the -f option above.

EXIT STATUS    [Toc]    [Back]

     A status of 1 is returned if the usage is incorrect, e.g. -a is used with
     a device name or an unrecognized parameter	is detected.  All other	cases
     return a status of	0, even	if a filesystem	is skipped.

BUGS    [Toc]    [Back]

     The xfs_db	man page does not exist, yet.

     cat <script> | xfs_db -x <device> does not	work.  Use xfs_db -x <device>
     < <script>.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     xfs_db(1M), mstat(4), fstab(4), mkfs_xfs(1M), xfs(4).

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