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TOPOLOGY(1)							   TOPOLOGY(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     topology -	machine	topology information

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]


DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     Machine topology information is extracted from the	hardware graph.	 The
     output of the topology command is not guaranteed to remain	constant
     between releases.	The topology command is	an editable script that	can be
     customized	by the end user.

EXAMPLE    [Toc]    [Back]

     When executed on a	16 processor Origin2000	named clink, the topology
     command yields:

     Machine clink has:
     16	cpu's
     8 memory nodes
     4 routers

     The cpus are:
     cpu 0 is /hw/module/1/slot/n1/node/cpubus/0/a
     cpu 1 is /hw/module/1/slot/n1/node/cpubus/0/b
     cpu 2 is /hw/module/1/slot/n2/node/cpubus/0/a
     cpu 3 is /hw/module/1/slot/n2/node/cpubus/0/b
     cpu 4 is /hw/module/1/slot/n3/node/cpubus/0/a
     cpu 5 is /hw/module/1/slot/n3/node/cpubus/0/b
     cpu 6 is /hw/module/1/slot/n4/node/cpubus/0/a
     cpu 7 is /hw/module/1/slot/n4/node/cpubus/0/b
     cpu 8 is /hw/module/2/slot/n1/node/cpubus/0/a
     cpu 9 is /hw/module/2/slot/n1/node/cpubus/0/b
     cpu 10 is /hw/module/2/slot/n2/node/cpubus/0/a
     cpu 11 is /hw/module/2/slot/n2/node/cpubus/0/b
     cpu 12 is /hw/module/2/slot/n3/node/cpubus/0/a
     cpu 13 is /hw/module/2/slot/n3/node/cpubus/0/b
     cpu 14 is /hw/module/2/slot/n4/node/cpubus/0/a
     cpu 15 is /hw/module/2/slot/n4/node/cpubus/0/b

     The nodes are:
     node 0 is /hw/module/1/slot/n1/node
     node 1 is /hw/module/1/slot/n2/node
     node 2 is /hw/module/1/slot/n3/node
     node 3 is /hw/module/1/slot/n4/node
     node 4 is /hw/module/2/slot/n1/node
     node 5 is /hw/module/2/slot/n2/node
     node 6 is /hw/module/2/slot/n3/node
     node 7 is /hw/module/2/slot/n4/node

     The routers are:

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TOPOLOGY(1)							   TOPOLOGY(1)


     The topology is defined by:
     /hw/module/1/slot/n1/node/link -> /hw/module/1/slot/r1/router
     /hw/module/1/slot/n2/node/link -> /hw/module/1/slot/r1/router
     /hw/module/1/slot/n3/node/link -> /hw/module/1/slot/r2/router
     /hw/module/1/slot/n4/node/link -> /hw/module/1/slot/r2/router
     /hw/module/2/slot/n1/node/link -> /hw/module/2/slot/r1/router
     /hw/module/2/slot/n2/node/link -> /hw/module/2/slot/r1/router
     /hw/module/2/slot/n3/node/link -> /hw/module/2/slot/r2/router
     /hw/module/2/slot/n4/node/link -> /hw/module/2/slot/r2/router

     /hw/module/1/slot/r1/router/1 -> /hw/module/2/slot/r1/router
     /hw/module/1/slot/r1/router/2 -> /hw/module/2/slot/r2/router
     /hw/module/1/slot/r1/router/4 -> /hw/module/1/slot/n2/node
     /hw/module/1/slot/r1/router/5 -> /hw/module/1/slot/n1/node
     /hw/module/1/slot/r1/router/6 -> /hw/module/1/slot/r2/router
     /hw/module/1/slot/r2/router/1 -> /hw/module/2/slot/r2/router
     /hw/module/1/slot/r2/router/2 -> /hw/module/2/slot/r1/router
     /hw/module/1/slot/r2/router/4 -> /hw/module/1/slot/n4/node
     /hw/module/1/slot/r2/router/5 -> /hw/module/1/slot/n3/node
     /hw/module/1/slot/r2/router/6 -> /hw/module/1/slot/r1/router
     /hw/module/2/slot/r1/router/1 -> /hw/module/1/slot/r1/router
     /hw/module/2/slot/r1/router/2 -> /hw/module/1/slot/r2/router
     /hw/module/2/slot/r1/router/4 -> /hw/module/2/slot/n2/node
     /hw/module/2/slot/r1/router/5 -> /hw/module/2/slot/n1/node
     /hw/module/2/slot/r1/router/6 -> /hw/module/2/slot/r2/router
     /hw/module/2/slot/r2/router/1 -> /hw/module/1/slot/r2/router
     /hw/module/2/slot/r2/router/2 -> /hw/module/1/slot/r1/router
     /hw/module/2/slot/r2/router/4 -> /hw/module/2/slot/n4/node
     /hw/module/2/slot/r2/router/5 -> /hw/module/2/slot/n3/node
     /hw/module/2/slot/r2/router/6 -> /hw/module/2/slot/r1/router

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     hinv(1), hwgraph(4)

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