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rpc.passwd(1M)							rpc.passwd(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     rpc.passwd	- server for modifying NIS password file

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/etc/rpc.passwd -D directory [	-nogecos ] [ -noshell ]
	 [ -nopw ] [ -m	arg1 arg2 ... ]
     /usr/etc/rpc.passwd passwordfile [	-m arg1	arg2 ... ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     rpc.passwd	is a server that handles password change requests from
     yppasswd(1).  It changes a	password entry in the passwd file or if
     present, the shadow file. These files provide the basis for the
     passwd.byname and passwd.byuid maps.  Entries in the passwd or shadow
     files are only changed if the password  presented	by  yppasswd(1)
     matches the encrypted password of the  entry.

     If	the -D option is given the passwd or shadow files are located under
     the directory path	specified with -D. The default directory for the
     passwd or shadow files is /etc.

     To	specify	an alternate directory to be used with the -D option, specify
     the directory with	the PWDIR variable in /etc/config/ypmaster.options
     substituting the new directory for	directory:


     If	the -m option is given,	ypmake(1M) is performed	in /var/yp after the
     passwd or shadow files are	modified. Any arguments	following the -m flag
     are passed	to ypmake.

     If	the -noshell, -nogecos or -nopw	options	are given, these fields	 may
     not  be  changed  remotely	using ypchpass(1).

     This server should	be run on the host serving as the network information
     service (NIS) master.  It is started from the /etc/init.d/network startup
     script if the yp and ypmaster configuration flags are set on (see

     The second	of the listed syntaxes is provided only	for backward
     compatibility. If the second syntax is used the passwordfile is the full
     pathname of the password file. If a shadow	file is	found in the  same
     directory as passwordfile the shadow file is used as described above and
     the actual	password changes will be made in the shadow file.

     The first and second syntaxes are mutually	 exclusive. Specifying the
     full pathname of the passwd file and using	the -D option at the same time
     is	not allowed.

     NOTE: rpc.passwd was updated to use the -D	option and to support shadow
     file updates in IRIX 6.5.14.  Prior to this version the second syntax was
     used. By default, /etc/passwd was used as the NIS passwd file. An

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rpc.passwd(1M)							rpc.passwd(1M)

     alternate passwd file could be used by placing the	full path of the
     alternate filename	in /etc/config/rpc.passwd.options and putting the
     following the following line in /etc/config/ypmaster.options substituting
     the full path of the new filename for file:


     While support for this style of configuration is still provided, it is
     only provided for backward	comptability and may be	removed	in a future
     release. It is recommended	that administrators update their rpc.passwd
     configurations to use the -D option (using	the PWDIR variable as
     described above) if an alternate passwd file is being used.

     Note also that with the use of the	-D option, the literal filenames
     "passwd" and "shadow" are used in the directory specified with the	-D
     option. Because the -D option assumes the use of a	directory other	than
     /etc there	is no need for alternate file names such as "passwd.yp".

     For backward compatibility	for IRIX versions prior	to 6.5.14, if the
     shadow file is used, the shadow.byname map	is built along with
     passwd.byname and passwd.byuid. For more information configuration	info
     on	shadow see man page shadow(4).

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     network(1M), ypmake(1M), yppasswd(1), passwd(4), shadow(4), ypfiles(4).

CAVEAT    [Toc]    [Back]

     This server will eventually be replaced with a more general service for
     modifying any NIS map.

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