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     QUERY(1M)	     K-Spool by	Xinet (10/14/99	10.1)	     QUERY(1M)

     NAME    [Toc]    [Back]
	  query	- query	AppleTalk Printer and put response into	a

     SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]
	  /usr/etc/appletalk/query [-a]	[-v] [-P printer ] [-T type ]
	  [-Z zone ] [ number ]	queryfile outfile

     DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]
	  The query program sends a PostScript query (from queryfile)
	  to a printer,	and places the result in the file outfile.
	  The flags are	defined	as follows:

	  -a   look in all zones (default)

	  -s   indicates the printer is	serial (see below)

	  -v   says be verbose

	  -P   says look for printer with this name (default is

	  -T   means look as if	it is this type	of printer (default is

	  -Z   tells it	which zone to look in (default is all zones)

	  The queryfile	must exist, and	contain	a PostScript procedure
	  that will send the required data, terminated by an asterisk.
	  The queryfile	must also be readable.	The outfile must be
	  writable (if it exists already).

	  This program can used	by to to generate a fontlist by	using
	  the included query file fontquery. For example:

	       query -P	"LaserWriter Plus" /usr/etc/appletalk/fontquery	fontlist
	  would	generate a file	fontlist in the	current	directory.

	  In order to query a serial printer, the input	and output
	  must be redirected.  For example:

	       (stty 9600 -echo	-lcase tabs -nl	tandem litout new ; \
	       query -s	/usr/etc/appletalk/fontquery fontlist )	\
	       < /dev/tty01 > /dev/tty01
	  Would	query a	serial printer running at 9600 baud attached
	  to tty01 for its fontlist.   The stty	options	may have to be
	  adjusted for your particular printer.

     CAVEATS    [Toc]    [Back]
	  query	is no longer used for anything in K-Spool.  It is
	  included soley for backward compatibility and	as a tool for
	  custom applications.

     Page 1					    (printed 1/20/100)

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