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portmap(1M)							   portmap(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     portmap - TCP, UDP	port to	RPC program number mapper

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/etc/portmap [	-vmAbC ] [ -f forkcnt ]	[ -a mask,match	| -a match ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     portmap is	a server that converts RPC program numbers into	TCP or UDP
     protocol port numbers.  It	must be	running	in order to make RPC calls.

     When an RPC server	is started, it tells portmap what port number it is
     listening to, and what RPC	program	numbers	it is prepared to serve.  When
     a client wishes to	make an	RPC call to a given program number, it first
     contacts portmap on the server machine to determine the port number where
     RPC packets should	be sent.

     After portmap starts, inetd(1M) can register its standard RPC servers.

     Options to	customize portmap's behavior are read from the file
     /etc/config/portmap.options during	system initialization.	The options

     -v	  Verbose: prints error	messages using syslog(3B) when a service fails
	  or when an unprivileged process or remote host tries to set or unset
	  a port mapping.

     -f	forkcnt
	  Specify the maximum number of	child processes	to handle broadcast or
	  multicast requests.  The default is 10.

     -a	mask,match
     -a	match
	  This option permits restriction of most of the portmap services to a
	  subset of hosts or networks.	(The portmap null procedure is not
	  restricted.)	The mask, and match arguments are IP addresses in
	  Internet dot notation	(see inet(3N)) that represent masks, hosts or
	  networks.  The mask and match	arguments must be separated by a comma
	  with no intervening whitespace.  If mask and the comma are missing,
	  the argument is interpreted as a Class A, B, or C network number and
	  the mask is set to the value appropriate for the network's class.

	  The -a option	can be repeated	up to 50 times.	 For each mask and
	  match	specified, the requesting client host's	address	is logicallyANDed
	with mask; if the result equals	match, the client's request is
	  processed.  If none of the mask-match	comparisons succeed, the
	  request is rejected.	Requests from all of the local host's
	  addresses are	always permitted.

	  For example, if /etc/config/portmap.options contains

									Page 1

portmap(1M)							   portmap(1M)


	  access is restricted to any host on the Class	B 128.32.199 subnet or
	  the Class C 192.0.2 network or to the	host with the
	  address.  Requests from clients on any other networks	are rejected.

     -A	  This option is equivalent to a series	of -a options listing all of
	  the addresses	of interfaces on the machine, with their netmasks.  It
	  is convenient	for authorizing	hosts on directly connected networks
	  and point-to-point links without explicitly enumerating the
	  networks.  The restrictions defined by -A do not count against the
	  limit	of 50 -a options.

     -b	  This option causes the -a and	-A options to apply only to packets
	  that arrive via multicast.

     -m	  Enable reception of RPC requests sent	to portmap's multicast
	  address, provided their sources meet the restrictions	imposed	by -a
	  or -A.  Multicast requests received from what	should be local
	  addresses are	always ignored.	 The -a	and/or -A options should
	  always be used with -m on machines that can be reached by multicast
	  packets from the Internet, such as MBONE feeds.  The -b option is
	  handy	with -m	on systems shielded from the Internet by firewalls,
	  where	all networks that can be reached via unicast or	broadcast are

     -C	  Turn on compatibility	mode.  This will allow local applications to
	  register with	portmap	using a	network	address	other than the
	  loopback address.  Applications that do not use the SGI-provided RPC
	  interfaces to	register with portmap may require this option to
	  function properly.  However, use of this option will also introduce
	  a known security problem.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     inetd(1M),	rpcinfo(1M).

     IRIX Network Programming Guide

BUGS    [Toc]    [Back]

     If	portmap	crashes, all servers that use it (for example, nsd(1M),	and
     inetd(1M))	must be	restarted.

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