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OV(1)									 OV(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     ov	- desks	overview provides controls for manipulating desks

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/sbin/ov [-scale size]	[-noWindowName | -nown]
      [-hideSnapShots |	-hss] [-noGlobalDesk | -ngd] [-new]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     With the desks overview, ov, users	can create, change, copy, rename and
     delete desks.  Users can also drag	windows	from one desk to another or
     place windows on the global desk.

     Desks are available only when running a version of	4Dwm that includes
     support for desks.

     Users can launch the program from the toolchest (Desktop >	Extra Desks)
     or	from a Unix shell command line.	 ov has	the ``runonce''	feature,
     meaning only one instance of the application will run at one time.
     Attempting	to launch the application a second time	will have the effect
     of	deiconifying the application window and	popping	it to the top on the
     current desk.

     The user is presented with	desk snapshots or miniature desk
     representations, each with	miniature windows representing the actual
     windows on	the current desk.  The user's current desk is indicated	by a
     lit LED.  The global desk shows windows that appear on all	desks.	For
     detailed instructions, see	the Help menu in the ov	application.

     With no arguments,	ov comes up with its default settings.	Optional
     arguments are as follows:

     -scale size
	     Specifies the size	at which the desk snapshots are	to be
	     displayed.	 The default is	0.10, for 10% of actual	size.

     -noWindowName or -nown
	     Turns off displaying of window names when the mouse passes	over
	     the miniature windows in the overview.  Icon names	will appear

     -hideSnapShots or -hss
	     Hides the desk snapshots (the miniature desk representations).
	     Desk names	will appear as small space-saving buttons instead.

     -noGlobalDesk or -ngd
	     Hides the global desk.

     -new    Creates a new overview, disregarding the ``runonce'' feature.  No
	     value needed.

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OV(1)									 OV(1)

     When desks	are viewed as snapshots	rather than as buttons,	the
     backgrounds of the	miniature desks	reflect	the backgrounds	of the actual
     desks.  Miniaturized windows in each desk icon appear in the background
     colors of the windows they	represent, taken from the background resource
     (if readily available).

     For more information about	the entire IRIX	Interactive Desktop
     environment, see the IID(1) man page.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


     Configuration options are saved in	the Overview and .Sgiresources files
     under the user's home directory.

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     In	past releases, ov's ``runonce''	feature	did not	work correctly.	 This
     has been fixed in IRIX 6.5, such that users must use the -new option to
     run multiple copies of ov.

     Transient windows (child windows of main application windows) do not
     appear in the desks overview.  For	example, the Backgrounds: Color
     Browser window available from the background customization	panel is a
     transient window.

     The SGI window manager 4Dwm controls a window's placement and location on
     a given desk.  It also controls the number	of desks that get created at
     startup.  The file	that contains this information is $HOME/.desktop-

     The -viewButtonOnly and -vbo options have been replaced by	-hideSnapShots
     and -hss.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     The SGI Desktop Help Viewer,
     The IRIX Interactive Desktop Integration Guide,
     4Dwm(1X), IID(1)

BUGS    [Toc]    [Back]

     Typing <Ctrl>-N very fast can cause desks to be created without a default
     name and with the incorrect size.	Renaming the desk will correct the
     default name problem and choosing a new desk scale	value will correct the
     sizing problem.

     The windows list does not properly	update after the deleting of a desk.
     Sometimes it may be necessary to close the	windows	list, deiconify	some
     window on the desk	then bring up the windows list again.

									Page 2

OV(1)									 OV(1)

     Though most configuration options are remembered between ov invocations,
     the size and location of the Desks	Overview window	is not.	 The user must
     resize and	move the window	as needed.

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