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KERNPROF(1)							   KERNPROF(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     kernprof -	special	executable for SpeedShop performance measurements on
     the unix kernel

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     ssrun -experiment kernprof	[ experiment-options ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The kernprof executable allows kernel profiling information to be
     gathered.	To use it, use the ssrun(1) command on the kernprof
     executable, specifying any	of the experiments that	are supported for the
     kernel.  These experiments	will generate a	SpeedShop experiment named

     The experiments describe themselves as being run on the program "/unix",
     and prof(1) can be	used to	process	the data; the filename of the actual
     kernel for	which the data was collected must to be	explicitly passed as a
     command-line argument to prof.

     In	the current release, the only supported	experiment is usertime.
     Additionally, only	systems	running	IRIX 6.4 or later may be profiled in
     this manner.  See profiler(1M) for	a description of a PC-style profiling
     which is supported	on all versions	of IRIX.

     usertime experiments may be run on	the machine being profiled or any
     machine that can be reached via the network.  Additionally, the kernel on
     the machine being profiled	must have its symbol table loaded via prfld(1)
     and have stack profiling enabled via prfstat(1).  Finally,	the rtmond(1M)
     daemon must be running on the target machine in order for the usertime
     data to be	collected (rtmond may be run either by chkconfig(1M)'ing it on
     or	by running it manually as root):

     On	the machine (alpha) being profiled:

	       alpha# prfld <kernel-file>
	       alpha# prfstat stack
	       alpha# /usr/etc/rtmond

     On	the machine (beta) where kernel	usertime data is being collected:

	       beta% ssrun -usertime /usr/bin/kernprof -t 5 -p 0 alpha
	       beta% prof -gprof <kernel-file> kernprof.usertime.<pid>.cpu0

     The above example loads the symbol	table of the kernel into the kernel
     running on	machine	alpha, enables stack profiling,	and starts up rtmond
     (assuming that it wasn't chkconfig'ed on).	 On machine beta the kernprof
     executable	is used	to collect 5 seconds worth of data from	CPU 0 on
     machine alpha.  Once the data is collected	prof(1)	is used	to analyze and
     display the results.

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KERNPROF(1)							   KERNPROF(1)

     The command-line options needed to	run kernel usertime profiling are:

     -c	count
	  Specifies that count stack samples should be collected for each CPU
	  being	profiled.  Since stack samples are generated once a
	  millisecond, this corresponds	to about count/1000 seconds ...

     -p	cpu-list
	  Specifies which CPUs are to be profiled.  The	syntax of cpu-list is
	  a series of comma separated CPU specifications.  Each	specification
	  is either a single CPU number	or a range of CPU numbers separated by
	  a hyphen (-) with CPU	numbers	being counted from 0.  E.g. ``-p 0-
	  3,7''	specifies that CPUs 0 through 3	and CPU	7 should be profiled.

     -s	schedpri
	  Specifies that kernprof should run at	real-time priority schedpri.
	  A value of 0 will result in normal time-sharing priority.  By
	  default kernprof runs	at the same priority as	rtmond.	 If kernprof
	  is run by someone other the super user, the attempt to set real-time
	  priority scheduling will result in a harmless	warning.

     -t	timeout
	  Specifies that stack samples should be collected for timeout

	  Specifies the	host to	collect	data from.  The	default	is localhost.

     -f	rtmon-file ...	Specifies one or more raw rtmon	data
	  files	to be copied to	equivalent SpeedShop format files (see rtmon-
	  client(1)).  This option may not be used with	the -p cpu-list	or -t
	  timeout options.  If the -c count option is specified, only the
	  first	count stack samples will be translated.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     speedshop(1), ssrun(1), prof(1), profiler(1), rtmond(1M), rtmon-client(1)

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

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