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IMGED(1G)							     IMGED(1G)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     imged - small image editor

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     imged imgfile [ xsize ysize [ -rgb	]]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     imged is a	pixel-based editor for making changes to image files stored in
     the SGI imglib format. Images may be stored in colormap, RGB, or
     greyscale format.

     imged may also be used to create a	new colormap or	RGB image by
     specifying	an X and Y size	on the command line.  If the -rgb flag is
     given, the	new image is created as	RGB, otherwise it is created as	a
     colormap image.  New images are initialized with a	solid grey background.

     The imged window contains a scaled	representation of the image being
     edited. The scale of the image can	be changed by resizing the window. The
     pixels in the image will appear as	squares, optionally separated by black
     lines.  The title of the imged window indicates the type of image that is
     being edited.

     The three mouse buttons all have a	function within	imged .	The left and
     middle buttons both act as	brushes. Each brush remembers a	"current
     color". While the brush buttons are pressed, drawing will take place in
     the color of that brush. If the Shift key is held down, pushing a brush
     button causes the brush to	change color to	the color of the pixel
     directly under the	cursor.	The Alt	key also modifies the operation	of the
     brush buttons for RGB images.  While the Alt key is held down, drawing
     will be performed in "blending mode". The pixels being drawn on will be
     blended with the color of the brush.

     Pushing the right button causes a popup menu to appear, which can be used
     to	change the mode	of imged. Several options are available.  The "no
     grid" option turns	off the	grid of	black lines separating the pixels.
     Similarly,	the "grid" option turns	the grid on.

     imged has four different drawing modes: sketch, rect, line, and smear.
     To	change the drawing mode, select	the appropriate	entry from the popup
     menu with the right mouse button.

     sketch mode   lets	you change pixels directly under the cursor to the
		   brush color when a brush button is depressed.  Holding a
		   brush button	down while moving the mouse results in a
		   sketch-like drawing.

     rect mode	   lets	you create rectangles by pressing a brush button at
		   one corner of the desired rectangle and holding the button
		   while moving	the cursor. When you release the button, the
		   rectangle is	drawn.

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IMGED(1G)							     IMGED(1G)

     line mode	   lets	you draw straight lines	by pressing a brush button at
		   one end of the desired line segment and holding the button
		   while moving	the cursor. When you release the button, the
		   line	segment	connecting the two points is drawn.

     smear mode	   is only available for use with RGB pictures.	 It lets you
		   smear an area with the brush.  The pixels surrounding the
		   pixel the brush is on are used to determine the color used
		   for that pixel.

HALFTONE    [Toc]    [Back]

     Often when	editing	small images, you need the ability to draw
     checkerboard patterns of pixels. This can be done easily by selecting the
     "halftone"	option from the	popup menu. The	right and middle mouse buttons
     will draw on pixels of opposite parity. To	turn off the halftone mode,
     select the	"solid"	option from the	menu.

     To	write out changes to an	image, select the "write" option from the
     popup menu. The current state of the image	will be	written	to the file be
     edited. Changes must be written to	a file to be saved.

DIAGNOSTICS    [Toc]    [Back]

     Exit status is 1 if an error is encountered.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     Graphics Library Programming Guide

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