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idbg(1M)							      idbg(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     idbg - kernel debugger print utility

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     idbg [ -r file ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     idbg allows the superuser to invoke a number of internal kernel routines
     that provide useful debugging information.	 The -r	option provides	a
     record of the output to the given file.  The kernel routines are part of
     the idbg kernel module, which can be either dynamically loaded or
     statically	configured into	the kernel.

     The ml command can	be used	to dynamically load the	idbg.o module into a
     running kernel without reconfiguring and rebooting	the kernel:

	  ml ld	-i /var/sysgen/boot/idbg.o -p idbg

     Note that functional pieces of the	idbg.o module have been	broken into
     separate modules, such as xfsidbg.o, xlvidbg.o, and so on.	 It may	be
     necessary to also include these modules when either statically
     configuring idbg.o	into the kernel	or dynamically loading it, depending
     on	your kernel configuration.  For	example:

	  ml ld	-i /var/sysgen/boot/idbg.o -p idbg

	  ml ld	-i /var/sysgen/boot/xfsidbg.o -p xfsidbg

	  ml ld	-i /var/sysgen/boot/xlvidbg.o -p xlvidbg

     Statically	configuring the	idbg.o module into the kernel involves editing
     of	the /var/sysgen/system/irix.sm file; see the comments in this file on
     how to do so.  See	lboot(1M) for details on reconfiguring the kernel.
     See ml(1M)	and mload(4) for details about dynamically loadable kernel

     A list of the routines available is displayed by simply typing a carriage
     return at the idbg> prompt.  A more verbose listing can be	obtained by
     typing ?? at the prompt.  A routine is invoked by simply typing its name,
     followed by an optional argument.	This list is highly subject to change
     from release to release.  A few of	the current routines available are
     described below.

     plist [ pid ]		If no pid is given, a list of currently	active
				processes is displayed,	including the process
				slot number, pid, name,	and status.  If	a pid
				is given, the process table slot number	is
				output.	 The value is useful as	an argument
				for other routines.

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idbg(1M)							      idbg(1M)

     ubt process_slot_number	A kernel stack backtrace for the given process
				is output.  This backtrace is not valid	for
				runnable/running processes.

     proc process_slot_number	Gives a	more complete printout of the process
				table entry for	the given process.

     user process_slot_number	Gives a	printout of the	user area
				corresponding to the given process.

DIAGNOSTICS    [Toc]    [Back]

     kernel debugger not configured
	  The operating	system debugger	module idbg is not included in the
	  running kernel.

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