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GATEWAY(1)							    GATEWAY(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     gateway - Internet	Gateway	administration tool

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     Internet Gateway is a web-based tool for administration of	network
     services, designed	for users with little prior knowledge of the IRIX
     environment.  In addition to allowing you to easily connect your server
     or	desktop	machine	to the Internet, it provides a variety of simple
     remote administration tools.

   Accessing Internet Gateway    [Toc]    [Back]
     The Internet Gateway web pages are	served using a Netscape	web server on
     your server or desktop machine. This allows for simple remote
     administration of network services	from any UNIX, PC or Macintosh client.

     To	access Internet	Gateway	on your	system,	enter the following two

	/etc/chkconfig webface on
	/etc/init.d/webface start

     then point	your web browser at the	URL:


     replacing <yourhostname> with the hostname	of your	machine.  For security
     reasons you will be asked to enter	the root password of your machine,
     then asked	to provide an administration password.	You will then see a
     screen with icons leading to the three sections of	Internet Gateway:
     Setup Tasks, Administration and Applications.  All	three sections include
     detailed online help.

   Setup Tasks    [Toc]    [Back]
     This section currently contains three separate tasks, or setup procedures
     requiring a number	of steps. These	are:

     Connect to	the Internet
	Quickly	and simply walks you through the necessary steps of
	configuring your SGI machine for Internet connectivity.	Helpful
	descriptions simplify the procedure of configuring Internet IP
	addresses, hostnames, hardware choices and sendmail parameters.

     Dynamic Host Configuration	Protocol Setup
	Allows you to quickly set up your SGI machine to act as	an IP address
	server,	automatically adding client machines to	your network as

     Security Setup
	Provides a simple mechanism for	reducing security risks	posed by some
	default	networking behaviors on	your SGI machine.  Allows easy
	disabling of RPC services, remote X server calls, SNMP access, open
	user accounts, and a variety of	other potential	security risks.

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GATEWAY(1)							    GATEWAY(1)

   Administration    [Toc]    [Back]
     This section allows administrators	to easily edit initial configurations
     or	reconfigure network services. This section is further divided into
     five configuration	areas:

     Information Services
	Configuration of Electronic mail (POP3 and sendmail), Netscape
	information servers, Majordomo mailing lists, Samba file serving, and
	Syntax IPX/IP gateway.

     Network Services
	Easy administration of a variety of different network protocols,
	including file transfer	(FTP), name serving (DNS/UNS), filesystem
	configuration, Network Information Service (NIS), host address
	allocation (DHCP), resource reservation	(RSVP),	and routing.

	Administration of two firewalls: a lightweight filtering firewall, and
	the more comprehensive Gauntlet	firewall product.

	Configuration of the Netscape SuiteSpot	webservers.

     Communications Hardware
	Setup of communications	hardware and associated	protocols, including
	PPP, ISDN, T1 boards, Ethernet/FDDI, and serial	modems.

   Applications    [Toc]    [Back]
     This section provides some	general	information for	administrators.	There
     are currently three web-based applications:

     Machine Information
	A single page description of the machine's internal hardware.
	Includes information pertaining	to the machine's processors, mainboard
	cache, memory, SCSI controllers, Ethernet cards, available disk	space,

     Majordomo Mailing Lists
	A tool allowing	users access to	information about all mailing lists on
	this server, along with	an HTML	archive	of those lists (if desired).
	Also provides users with facilities to subscribe/unsubscribe to
	mailing	lists.

     Session Directory Server
	A unique tool for monitoring multicast session announcements, creating
	announcements and launching multimedia tools to	receive	multicast

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/OnRamp/*		   support libraries and files
     /usr/WebFace/*		   CGI source documents
     /usr/ns-home/httpd-gateway/*  gateway web server

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GATEWAY(1)							    GATEWAY(1)

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     websetup(1), ns-httpd(1M)
     Internet Gateway Installation Guide

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