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ECSTATS(1)							    ECSTATS(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     ecstats - report global event counter activity

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     ecstats [-aCDefr] [-s samples] [interval]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     ecstats may be used on systems with R1x000	processors to interrogate the
     global event counters maintained by IRIX using the	underlying hardware
     event counter mechanisms.	The global event counters are maintained on a
     system-wide basis,	aggregated over	all processes and for all user and
     system mode execution.

     Global event counters are enabled and disabled using the ecadmin(1)

     The options to ecstats are	as follows;

     -a	  Report absolute values for the event counters	(the complement	of

     -C	  Enable full-screen and continuous update mode.  Single character
	  keystroke commands have the effect of	toggling the command line
	  options, i.e.

	  a    change to reporting absolute counter values
	  e    report only the enabled counters
	  f    display both enabled and	disabled counters
	  r    change to reporting counter rates
	  q    exit
	  ^L   redraw the display

     -D	  Enable some diagnostic output, not useful with -C.

     -e	  Display only those event counters that have been enabled - this is
	  the default.

     -f	  Display both enabled and disabled event counters (the	complement of

     -r	  Display event	rates -	this is	the default.

     -s	  Report data for samples intervals and	then exit.  The	default	is to
	  run forever.

     New information is	reported each interval seconds.	 The default is	5

     For a particular processor	implementation,	the number of physical
     hardware counters may be smaller than the number of event counters	that
     have been enabled.	 When this occurs, the IRIX kernel multiplexes the
     physical hardware counters	amongst	the enabled event counters, and

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ECSTATS(1)							    ECSTATS(1)

     ecstats scales up the observed counts to reflect the level	of
     multiplexing.  If this scaling has	taken place, the reported counters may
     be	subject	to some	statistical sampling errors, and the values are	shown
     with a ``*'' annotation.

     For systems with processors of mixed type (particularly R10000 and
     R12000/R14000) some events	have different semantics on different
     processor types, refer to the -M and -T flags for ecadmin(1).  If any
     events in this category are enabled, then the values reported by ecstats
     are shown with a ``?''  annotation.

CAVEAT    [Toc]    [Back]

     The underlying hardware event counters are	a finite resource, to be
     shared amongst multiple competing uses.  ecstats is one such use that
     requires the use of ecadmin(1) to enable at least one global event

     Once any global event counters have been enabled with ecadmin(1), then
     any future	attempts to use	either perfex(1) or the	counter-based
     SpeedShop profiling tools will be unsuccessful, until all global event
     counters are released.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     ecadmin(1), perfex(1), pminfo(1), speedshop(1) and	r10k_counters(5).

     The specifications	for the	R10000 event counters may be found at

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