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DTL2SGFT(1)							   DTL2SGFT(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     dtl2sgft -	Online Documentation Administration Utility for	InfoSearch

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     dtl2sgft	-b book_name -s	bookshelf_path
	      [	-a authorization_string	] [ -d data_dir	]
	      [	-o output_file ] [ -p ]	[ -q granularity_qry ]
	      [	-r root	] [ -t title_tag ] [ -u	use_shelfname ]
	      [	-w ] [ -x ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     dtl2sgft is a utility program used	to assist in maintaining a full-text
     searchable	index of online	books available	to the infosearch(1)

     For a specified insight(1)	online book, dtl2sgft builds a full-text
     indexable word file which is an extraction	of the content of the book.
     This word file is used in conjunction with	the booksAdmin(1) utility to
     aid in constructing and maintaining a full-text index. Along with the
     word file,	a HTML-based version of	the book's table of contents is	also

     An	administrator should never have	to run this process by hand.  Normally
     it	will be	launched by the	booksAdmin(1) utility.	If it is run manually,
     the only options required when processing insight(1) online books are -b
     and -s, as	described below.

OPTIONS    [Toc]    [Back]

     Command line options are described	below.

     -b	  The -b book_name required option tells dtl2sgft to examine the
	  specified book.  The book_name is the	abbreviated short title	for
	  the book.  See insight(1) for	more details on	bookshelves.

     -s	  The -s bookshelf_path	required option	tells dtl2sgft which specific
	  bookshelf the	book_name is on.  See insight(1) for more details on

	  For example,

	  dtl2sgft -b IRISEssentials -s

     -a	  The -a authorization_string option instructs dtl2sgft	to use the
	  designated string as an authorization	key for	processing books that
	  have been licensed. This option is not be needed for the online
	  books	from Silicon Graphics.

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DTL2SGFT(1)							   DTL2SGFT(1)

     -d	  The -d data_dir points to the	default	data directory.	It should not
	  need to be set. The default is /usr/lib/Insight/data.

     -o	  The -o output_file option instructs dtl2sgft to append the resultant
	  word file output to the specified output_file. The HTML file for the
	  table	of contents will still be created as:

     -p	  The -p option	instructs dtl2sgft to purge or remove the word file it
	  creates (bookshelf_path/books/book_name/book_name.books.wrd).	By
	  default, this	file is	not removed by dtl2sgft.

     -q	  The -q granularity_qry option	indicates the level of granularity in
	  which	to break up the	book into. This	should be specific to the SGML
	  instance (tag	set) used within the book. For example,	the default
	  <GLOSSARY> OR	<INDEX>	OR <SGIINDEX>".	If nothing is found for	the
	  specified granularity_qry, there are two fallback attempts.  The
	  first	uses "<SECTION1> OR <S1>" and the second utilizes the query
	  string "<SECTION2> OR	<S2>".

     -r	  The -r root option instructs dtl2sgft	to write the resultant word
	  file and HTML	file output to the specified root directory.  For
	  example, for the specified root, the resultant set of	files are:
	  root/book_name.books.wrd and root/book_name.html.

     -t	  The -t title_tag option indicates the	SGML instance tag used to
	  designate titles within the content. The default is "TITLE".

     -u	  The -u use_shelfname option instructs	dtl2sgft to use	this string as
	  a bookshelf designation, both	in the resultant word and HTML file.
	  The default is to use	the end	of the path string specified for
	  bookshelf_path. If
	  /usr/share/Insight/library/SGI_bookshelves/SGI_EndUser is specified
	  for bookshelf_path, the truncated string used	to in the word and
	  HTML file is "SGI_EndUser". The -u use_shelfname option overrides
	  the aforementioned default.

     -w	  The -w option	instructs dtl2sgft to only create a HTML-based table
	  of contents file for web access.

     -x	  The -x option	instructs dtl2sgft to output timing specifications.
	  By default, it runs silently.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     infosearch(1), sgsearch(1)

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DTL2SGFT(1)							   DTL2SGFT(1)

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