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DKSTAT(1)							     DKSTAT(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     dkstat - report disk I/O statistics

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     dkstat [-h	host] [-L] [-f {r|t|s}]	[-r] [-w] [-n ndisks] [-c] [-a]	[-i
     devspec[,devspec ...]]  [-x devspec[,devspec ...]]	 [interval [repeat]]

     To	monitor	I/O rates on all disks every 5 seconds


     To	continuously display a table of	disks on the host "babylon", use the
     following command;

	       dkstat -c -ft -h	babylon

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     dkstat reports physical disk I/O statistics.  The default report shows
     the average physical I/O rate (requests per second, or IOPS) to each disk
     during the	sample interval	(default 5 seconds).

     The options to dkstat are as follows;

     -?	  Output usage information.

     -h	host
	  Report for the host host, which must be running pmcd(1).  The
	  default is to	report for the local host.

     -L	  Report for the local host and	by-pass	pmcd(1).  This option is
	  mutually exclusive with the -h option	and is the default if pmcd(1)
	  is not running.

     -c	  Invokes continuous mode, using a curses(3) display. This is most
	  useful with the "sorted" (-fs) and "table" (-ft) display formats.

     -f	{r|t|s}
	  Selects the report format as follows:

	  -fr  selects ``row'' format (one column per drive).  The report is
	       sorted on drive name across the page.  This is the default
	       display format.

	  -ft  selects ``table'' format	(one line per controller).  The	report
	       is sorted on controller name down the page and by drive unit
	       number across the page.

	       For SCSI	devices	with non-zero Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) all
	       devices for a single SCSI target	address	appear in a the	same
	       row, sorted by LUN.  Down the page, rows	are sorted by SCSI
	       target within controller.

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DKSTAT(1)							     DKSTAT(1)

	  -fs  selects ``sorted'' format (one drive per	line).	The report is
	       sorted for the most active drive, depending on the -r and -w
	       flags.  If neither -r or	-w are given, the report is sorted on
	       total number of I/Os (reads plus	writes).  The -n option
	       restricts the report to the ndisks most active disks (default
	       22).  The %Busy column in the output is the percentage of time
	       during the interval that	the drive was active.  The MeanST
	       column in the output is the average service time	of all
	       requests	which completed	during the interval (in	units of

     -r	  Only report reads from each drive.  The default is to	sum reads and
	  writes.  The -fs style report	will be	sorted for the drives which
	  perform the most read	I/Os per second.

     -w	  Only report writes to	each drive.  The -fs style report will be
	  sorted for the drives	which perform the most write I/Os per second.

     -rw  Report both reads and	writes to each drive.  If neither -r or	-w are
	  given, then report total I/Os	(reads plus writes).

     interval [repeats]
	  Specifies the	interval in seconds between successive reports
	  (default 5 seconds) and the number of	intervals to report (default
	  is to	repeat forever).  All statistics are averaged over the

DEVICE SELECTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The -a flag (default) causes all drives and controllers to	be reported
     (depending	on the report format).	This may be modified by	the -i option
     to	include	only some drives and exclude all others, or by the -x option
     to	exclude	some drives and	include	all others.

     The argument to the -i or -x option is a comma separated list (without
     spaces before or after each comma)	of device specifiers (devspec).	 A
     devspec is	a string of characters that might reasonably be	expected to be
     the prefix	for the	names (as report via -I) of one	or more	devices.


     dks1d6l3	    SCSI controller 1, target 6, LUN 3.

     dks0d1	    SCSI controller 0, target 1, all LUNs.

     dks4	    All	drives on SCSI controller 4.

     dks6,dks0d3    All	drives on SCSI controller 6 and	SCSI target 3 on SCSI
		    controller 0.

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DKSTAT(1)							     DKSTAT(1)

     pmcd(1), sar(1), sadc(1), gr_top(1), osview [ Back ]

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