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dhcpdb(1M)							    dhcpdb(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     dhcpdb - DHCP database manager

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     /usr/sbin/dhcpdb [	-a [ -r] ] | [ -d ] | [	-u ] | [ -p ] [	-X ]
     [ -C Client_id  ] [ -M Mac_address	] [  -I	IP_address ]
     [	-H hostname ] [	-T lease_in_seconds  ] [ -f dhcp_database ]

     /usr/sbin/dhcpdb [	 -D ] |	[ -L ] [ -X ] [	-f dhcp_database ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     dhcpdb is a database manager for the NDBM database	used by	the DHCP
     server to store address leases. It	provides a command line	interface to
     add, delete, update, or print the DHCP database.

     The tool can be used either in entry mode to manipulate individual
     entries or	in file	mode. In file mode the entire contents of the database
     can be dumped to a	file or	loaded from a file.

     In	the entry mode options can be used to add (replace), delete, update a
     lease, or print an	entry using a key. The key can be either a client
     identifier, MAC (interface) address, IP address, or a hostname.

     -a	  Add an entry.	The -r option allows an	existing entry to be replaced
	  or a new entry is added if the specified entry does not exist. The
	  client identifier, Mac address, IP address, and hostname must	be
	  specified. If	a record is being replaced these values	must be
	  specified to be the same as existing values in the database. The
	  lease	time should also be specified.

     -d	  Delete an entry. A single key	in the form of client identifier, Mac
	  address, IP address, or hostname should be specified.

     -u	  Update lease time. Specify a key and the lease time using the	-T

     -p	  Print	an entry for the given key. This can also be used to print
	  leases expiring in more or less than a specified number of seconds.

     -X	  Specifies that the client identifier is a colon separated string of
	  bytes	in hexadecimal in the specified	input or in the	output.	If
	  this option is not specified the client identifier is	assumed	to be
	  a string.

     -C	Cid
	  Specifies the	client identifier key.

     -M	Mac_address
	  Specifies the	Mac (physical interface) address as a string of	bytes
	  in hexadecimal, separated by colons.

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dhcpdb(1M)							    dhcpdb(1M)

     -H	Hostname
	  This is the hostname (usually	fully qualified) as it appears in the

     -I	IP address
	  Specifies the	IP address as a	dotted decimal address string.

     -T	 lease_seconds|absolute	time
	  Specifies the	lease time in seconds. With the	-p option the lease
	  time can be specified	to print the leases that expire	in less	than
	  or greater than a given number of seconds from the current time. For
	  example -p -T	<100, and -p -T	>100 prints leases expiring in less
	  than 100 seconds and more than or equal to 100 seconds respectively.
	  The format -T	"sec[0-61] min[0-59] hour[0-23]	mday[1-31] mon[0-11]
	  years_since_1900" can	also be	used to	specify	the time when adding
	  or updating an entry.	For example -T "10 12 20 18 4 98" means	the
	  lease	should expire on May 18	21:12:10 1998. The format is the same
	  as is	used with the mktime(3C) call. Alternately -T seconds can be
	  used to specify the time in seconds from 00:00:00 UTC, January 1,
	  1970 (see time(2)). For example in the particular case discussed
	  above	the option would be specified as -T 895551130.

	  With the -a and -u options the lease can be specified	as INF for an
	  infinite lease or as STATIC for a static (infinite) lease. For
	  example, to make an existing lease for address static the
	  command is dhcpdb -I -u -T STATIC.

     -f	  Specifies an alternate database to use. The default is

   File	mode usage
     In	the file mode the command can be used to dump the entire database to a
     file that can be subsequently loaded into the database.

     -D	  Dumps	the database to	the standard output. The file consists of
	  fields separated by tabs and includes	the client identifier, Mac
	  address, IP address, hostname, and the lease time.

     -L	  Loads	the database from the standard input.

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     The /etc/ethers and /etc/hosts are	not updated when the DHCP
     /var/dhcp/etherToIP database is updated.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]


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dhcpdb(1M)							    dhcpdb(1M)

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