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COCOJPEG(1)			     CMS			   COCOJPEG(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     cocojpeg -	color correct a	JPEG/JFIF image	file

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     cocojpeg [	-a source_profile | -s source_profile ]	-d destination_profile
	      [	-h ] [ -o output_file ]	[ input_file ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     cocojpeg uses the International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles to
     determine how to perform the appropriate color management operation
     ("color correction", hence	"coco")	upon a JPEG/JFIF image file. The
     operation will be a color space conversion	from the input device color
     space to the output device	color space.

     The device	color space associated with the	input stream is	determined in
     one of four ways. The following approaches	are tried in order:

     o	  First, if the	-s flag	is set,	the specified source-profile will be
	  used.	 Specifying -s will override any profile embedded in the
	  source image.

     o	  Second, if there is an ICC profile embedded in the source image,
	  that will be used.

     o	  Third, if the	-a flag	is set,	the specified source_profile will be
	  used.	 Embedded profiles take	precedence over	profiles specified
	  with -a.

     o	  Finally, the color management	system's default RGB profile will be
	  used.	 If no default is set, the system searches through
	  CMS_PROFILE_PATH for the default monitor profile, monitor.pf.	 If
	  that profile is not found, cocojpeg has no way to determine a	source
	  device profile and so	passes the input image stream through

     The output	device color space is determined quite simply from the value
     of	the -d flag.

     If	a full path is not provided for	a device profile, the system looks
     through the directories specified in CMS_PROFILE_PATH.

     If, for any reason	cocojpeg is unable to perform the requested
     conversion, the source stream is copied to	the destination	stream.	 Some
     of	the reasons that a conversion might not	be performed are:

     o	  no destination profile was specified;

     o	  the number of	channels in the	input or output	profile	is not three;

     o	  one of the specified profiles	could not be found;

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COCOJPEG(1)			     CMS			   COCOJPEG(1)

     o	  one of the specified profiles	could not be read;

     o	  the source image is one bit deep;

     o	  the CMS did not know how to handle one of the	profiles;

     o	  the CMS needed to read the system RGB	profile	and could not.

Command	Line Options
     cocojpeg supports the following command line options:

     -a	source_profile
	       Specifies a profile to be used with images that do not have an
	       embedded	ICC profile.

     -d	destination_profile
	       Specifies a profile for the destination device. The destination
	       image file format, including the	depth and number of channels,
	       will be determined by this profile.

     -h	       Display a usage message.

     -o	output_file
	       The output image	file. If this is not supplied, cocojpeg	will
	       write to	standard out.

     -s	source_profile
	       The profile for the source device.  This	will override any
	       profile embedded	in the image.  If this profile does not	match
	       up with the source stream/source	file image file	format,
	       cocojpeg	will pass the source through unchanged.

	       The input image file.  If this is not supplied, cocojpeg	will
	       read from standard in.

ERRORS    [Toc]    [Back]

     Because cocoimage is a filter, it tries to	produce	valid output if	at all
     possible.	However, there are conditions under which cocojpeg will	exit
     with an error condition. These are:

     o	  a source file	was specified, but could not be	opened;

     o	  a destination	file was specified, but	could not be opened;

     o	  an unrecoverable system error.

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