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cl_init(1M)							   cl_init(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     cl_init - init program for	diskless software installation

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]


DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     cl_init is	the init(1M) program in	diskless share tree.  When client
     workstation installs its software using the PROM menu, the	workstation
     uses the share tree as the	root and process 1 runs	cl_init	instead	of the
     regular /etc/init.

     cl_init prompts the user with the following questions:

	  Do you want to use server XXX	for software installation (y/n)	?

     XXX is the	default	server name used in the	tapedevice or bootfile PROM
     variables.	 When doing installation, this default is the name of the
     server that contains the share tree.  If the client tree will be
     installed on a different server, user should answer n here.

	  Enter	server name :

     Enter the correct server name for client tree.  cl_init checks the	server
     name with the /etc/hosts file in the share	tree.  If the server name is
     not in this host file, cl_init re-prompts the user	for appropriate

	  Do you want to install client	YYY on server XXX (y/n)	?

     XXX is the	server name, and YYY is	the hostname that is set in the	PROM
     variable hostname or translated from netaddr using	bootparamd(1M)

	  Enter	password for autoinst :

     If	the autoinst login entry at server machine requires a password,	the
     user should type in the password at this prompt.  Once the	password is
     accepted, the inst(1M) menu appears on the	screen.

	  Ready	to exit	(y/n) ?

     cl_init repeats the installation procedure	again if the answer is n.
     Otherwise,	it sets	the PROM variables netaddr and bootfile	and reboots

     cl_init always logs onto the server using default login name autoinst.
     The user can set environment variable dllogin in the PROM to change the
     login name.  For example, typing

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cl_init(1M)							   cl_init(1M)

	  setenv dllogin root

     at	PROM manual mode causes	the diskless workstation to log	onto the
     server using root.

     When using	default	login autoinst,	all messages before the	inst(1M) menu
     are filtered.  If there is	a need for examining the login messages, such
     as	for debugging purposes,	it is possible to disable this feature by
     typing two	or more	escape characters before entering the password.

CAVEAT    [Toc]    [Back]

     cl_init is	to be used only	by the diskless	client installation package.
     If	cl_init	is invoked on a	shell command line, the	shell hangs.  If the
     hung shell	receives an INTR signal, the system is shut down silently.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     bootparamd(1M), init(1M), inst(1M).

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