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chkconfig(1M)							 chkconfig(1M)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     chkconfig - configuration state checker

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     chkconfig [ -s ]
     chkconfig flag
     chkconfig [ -f ] flag [ on	| off ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     chkconfig with no arguments or with the -s	option prints the state	(on or
     off) of every configuration flag found in the directory /var/config.  The
     flags normally are	shown sorted by	name; with the -s option they are
     shown sorted by state.

     A flag is considered on if	its file contains the string ``on'' and	off

     If	flag is	specified as the sole argument,	chkconfig exits	with status 0
     if	flag is	on and with status 1 if	flag is	off or nonexistent.  The exit
     status can	be used	by shell scripts to test the state of a	flag.  Here is
     an	example	using sh(1) syntax:

	  if /sbin/chkconfig verbose; then
	       echo "Verbose is	on"
	       echo "Verbose is	off"

     The optional third	argument allows	the specified flag to be set.  The
     flag file must exist in order to change its state.	 Use the -f
     (``force'') option	to create the file if necessary.

     These flags are used for determining the configuration status of the
     various available subsystems and daemons during system startup and	during
     system operation.

     A daemon or subsystem is enabled if its configuration flag	in the
     /var/config directory is in the on	state.	If the flag file is missing,
     the flag is considered off.  The following	is a list of available flags
     and the associated	action if the flag is on.  Depending upon your
     configuration, they may not all be	available on your system.

     4DDN	     Initialize	4DDN (DECnet connectivity) software.

     acct	     Start process accounting.

     auto_ipaddress  Enable dynamic host configuration protocol	(DHCP) as a
		     client.  See proclaim(1M).

     autofs	     Start the NFS autofs daemon.  Only	one of the pair	autofs
		     and automount should normally be enabled.

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chkconfig(1M)							 chkconfig(1M)

     automount	     Start the NFS automounter daemon.

     desktop	     If	off, fewer of the IRIX Interactive Desktop(TM) user
		     interface features	are enabled, and typically a different
		     toolchest menu is used.  It is identical to creating the
		     file $HOME/.disableDesktop	except that it applies to all
		     accounts.	The specific effect is that the	desktop
		     version of	Xsession (/usr/lib/X11/xdm/Xsession.dt)	is not
		     run upon login, and therefore programs started from that
		     file are not run or are run with different	options.

     fontserver	     Start the X11R6 font server daemon.  See xfs(1).

     gated	     Start the Cornell routing daemon instead of the BSD

     hypernet	     Initialize	HyperNET controller and	routes.

     ipfilterd	     Enable the	Silicon	Graphics IP Packet Filtering daemon.

     jserver	     Start Japanese convert engine if the optional product
		     Japanese Language Module is installed.

     lockd	     Start the NFS lock	and status daemons.

     mediad	     Start the removable media daemon.

     miser	     Start the miser daemon.

     mrouted	     Start the IP multicast routing daemon (useful only	on

     named	     Start Internet domain name	server.

     network	     Allow incoming and	outgoing network traffic.  This	flag
		     can be set	off if you need	to isolate the machine from
		     the network without removing cables.

     nfs	     Start the NFS daemons nfsd	and biod.  Mount all NFS

     noiconlogin     Do	not show user icons on the login screen.

     nsr	     Start up the IRIS NetWorker daemons.  See nsr(1M) for
		     more details.

     nostickytmp     Do	not turn the sticky bit	on for the directories /tmp
		     and /var/tmp.

     pcnfsd	     Start the PC-NFS server daemon.

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chkconfig(1M)							 chkconfig(1M)

     pmcd	     Start the Performance Metrics Collector Daemon.  See
		     pmcd(1) for more details.

     pmie	     Start the Performance Metrics Inference Engines.  See
		     pmie(1) and pmie_check(1) for more	details.

     privileges	     Enable privileges to be used on the system.  See
		     runpriv(1M) and privilege(4) for more details.

     quotacheck	     Run quotacheck(1M)	on the filesystems that	have quotas
		     enabled.  See quotas(4) for more details.

     quotas	     Enable quotas for local configured	filesystems.

     rarpd	     Start the Reverse ARP daemon.

     routed	     Start the 4.3BSD RIP routing daemon.  See routed(1M) for
		     more details.

     rsvpd	     Start the RSVP daemon.  See rsvpd(1M) for more details.

     rtnetd	     Initialize	preemptable networking for real-time use.

     rwhod	     Start the 4.3BSD rwho daemon.

     sar	     Start the system activity reporter.

     savecore	     Enable the	saving of kernel crash images.	Some
		     information is saved in /var/adm/crash even if saving is
		     disabled.	See savecore(1M) and icrash(1M).

     snmpd	     Start the Simple Network Management Protocol daemon.

     soundscheme     Start the IRIX Interactive	Desktop	audio cue daemon.

     timed	     Start the 4.3BSD time synchronization daemon.

     timeslave	     Start the Silicon Graphics	time synchronization daemon.

     verbose	     Print the names of	daemons	as they	are started.

     videod	     Enable the	video daemon.  Used by video devices such as

     vswap	     Add virtual swap.	See swap(1M) for a discussion of
		     virtual swap.  By default 80000 blocks are	added.	You
		     can increase or decrease this amount by modifying the
		     /var/config/vswap.options file.

     visuallogin     Enable the	visual login screen.

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chkconfig(1M)							 chkconfig(1M)

     windowsystem    Start the X window	system.	 If windowsystem is off, it is
		     necessary to modify the inittab(4)	file to	enable
		     getty(1M) on the textport window if you wish to use
		     graphics as a dumb	terminal.

		     The recommended means of enabling and disabling the
		     window system are the commands startgfx(1G) and

     xinerama	     Enable Xinerama extension of the X	server.	 See Xsgi(1)
		     and Xinerama(3X) for more details.

     xdm	     Start the X display manager.

     xlv	     Start the daemons for xlv logical volumes optional

     yp		     Enable NIS, start the ypbind daemon.

     ypmaster	     If	yp is on, become the NIS master	and start the passwd
		     server.  The ypserv flag should be	on too.

     ypserv	     If	yp is on, become a NIS server.

FILES    [Toc]    [Back]

     /var/config    directory containing configuration flag files

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     cron(1M), rc0(1M),	rc2(1M).

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