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ascheck(1)							    ascheck(1)

NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     ascheck - validate	the array services configuration

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     ascheck [ -F ] [ -Kl key ]	[ -Kr key ] [ -p port ]	[ -q ]
	  [ -s server [	-D ] ] [ -t value ]

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     ascheck validates the configuration on all	the array services daemons
     known to the local	array services daemon.	Checks are made	to ensure that
     the various array and machine definitions are consistent with each	other,
     both on the individual servers and	with corresponding definitions on the
     other servers.  If	any problems are found,	they are described in detail
     and suggestions are provided to correct the situation.

     It	should be noted	that ascheck is	not a syntax checker for the
     individual	array services configuration files; that function is handled
     by	the -c option of arrayd(1M).  Instead, ascheck is used to check	the
     semantics of a syntactically correct array	services configuration file.

     ascheck relies on information provided by array services.	Thus, for
     complete coverage,	an array services daemon should	be running on every
     machine that is mentioned in the local configuration file(s).

     The checks	that ascheck makes include:

     *	Ensuring that the local	array services daemon is accessible.

     *	Verifying that all of the array	services daemons known to the local
	daemon are also	available.

     *	Ensuring that each array services daemon is using the correct version
	of the array services library.

     *	Ensuring that the LOCAL	IDENT value used by a particular array
	services daemon	is not different from the "machine ID" used by the OS
	on that	daemon's machine.

     *	Suggesting that	a "machine ID" be set in the OS	on those systems that
	have an	array services daemon but have not yet set a machine ID.

     *	Ensuring that no two arrays on a particular server have	the same ARRAY
	IDENT value.

     *	Ensuring that the SERVER IDENT value which may be declared for a
	particular ARRAY/MACHINE definition matches the	LOCAL IDENT value of
	the corresponding server.

     *	Warning	if the list of machines	defined	for a particular array does
	not match the list of machines for an array with the same name on a
	different server.

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ascheck(1)							    ascheck(1)

     *	Warning	about any server that has two or more arrays defined but has
	not specified a	default	array.

OPTIONS    [Toc]    [Back]

     ascheck takes several options, primarily to control the selection of the
     "local" server, and to select the desired amount of output.  The valid
     options include:

     -D		 When used with	-s, indicates that array services requests
		 should	sent directly to the specified server, rather than
		 being forwarded to that server	by the array services daemon
		 running on the	current	machine.  This is the default

     -F		 When used with	-s, indicates that array services requests
		 should	be forwarded to	the specified server via the server on
		 the current machine rather than sent directly.

     -Kl key	 Use key for the local authentication key when communicating
		 directly with a remote	array services daemon.

     -Kr key	 Use key for the remote	authentication key when	communicating
		 directly with a remote	array services daemon.

     -p	port	 Specifies the port address of the "local" arrayd server.
		 Defaults to the value of the ARRAYD_PORT environment variable
		 if present, or	5434 otherwise.

     -q		 Produce less verbose ("quieter") output.  Repeated
		 occurrences (either -q	-q ... or -qq ...)  may	decrease the
		 verbosity further.

     -s	server	 Specifies the hostname	or IP address of the "local" arrayd
		 server.  Defaults to the value	of the ARRAYD environment
		 variable if present, or "localhost" otherwise.

     -t	value	 Specifies the timeout value (in seconds) used for waiting on
		 individual responses from the array daemon.

NOTES    [Toc]    [Back]

     The array services	daemon (arrayd(1M)) must be running on all machines
     that are to be examined.  It does not necessarily have to be running on
     the machine that executes ascheck if an alternate server was specified in
     some way.

SEE ALSO    [Toc]    [Back]

     arrayd(1M), arrayd.conf(4).

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