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 nmbd.8(8) -- NetBIOS name server to provide NetBIOS over IP naming services to clients
    This program is part of the Samba suite. nmbd is a server that understands and can reply to NetBIOS over IP name service requests, like those produced by SMB/CIFS clients such as Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and LanManager clients. It also participates in the browsing protocols which make up the Windows "Network Neighborhood" view. SMB/CIFS clients, when they start up, may wish to locate an SMB/CIFS server. That is, they wish to know what IP number a specified host is using. Amo...
 pdbedit.8(8) -- manage the SAM database
    This tool is part of the Samba suite. The pdbedit program is used to manage the users accounts stored in the sam database and can be run only by root. The pdbedit tool use the passdb modular interface and is independent from the kind of users database used (currently there are smbpasswd, ldap, nis+ and tdb based and more can be addedd without changing the tool). There are five main ways to use pdbedit: adding a user account, removing a user account, modifing a user account, listing user accounts...
 smbd.8(8) -- server to provide SMB/CIFS services to clients
    This program is part of the Samba suite. smbd is the server daemon that provides filesharing and printing services to Windows clients. The server provides filespace and printer services to clients using the SMB (or CIFS) protocol. This is compatible with the LanManager protocol, and can service LanManager clients. These include MSCLIENT 3.0 for DOS, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, OS/2, DAVE for Macintosh, and smbfs for Linux. An extensive description of the s...
 smbpasswd.8(8) -- change a user's SMB password
    This tool is part of the Samba suite. The smbpasswd program has several different functions, depending on whether it is run by the root user or not. When run as a normal user it allows the user to change the password used for their SMB sessions on any machines that store SMB passwords. By default (when run with no arguments) it will attempt to change the current user's SMB password on the local machine. This is similar to the way the passwd(1) program works. smbpasswd differs from how the passw...
 smbspool.8(8) -- send print file to an SMB printer
    This tool is part of the Samba suite. smbspool is a very small print spooling program that sends a print file to an SMB printer. The command-line arguments are position-dependent for compatibility with the Common UNIX Printing System, but you can use smbspool with any printing system or from a program or script. DEVICE URI smbspool specifies the destination using a Uniform Resource Identifier ("URI") with a method of "smb". This string can take a number of forms: o smb://server/printer o smb...
 swat.8(8) -- Samba Web Administration Tool
    This tool is part of the Samba suite. swat allows a Samba administrator to configure the complex smb.conf(5) file via a Web browser. In addition, a swat configuration page has help links to all the configurable options in the smb.conf file allowing an administrator to easily look up the effects of any change. swat is run from inetd
 winbindd.8(8) -- Name Service Switch daemon for resolving names from NT servers
    This program is part of the Samba suite. winbindd is a daemon that provides a service for the Name Service Switch capability that is present in most modern C libraries. The Name Service Switch allows user and system information to be obtained from different databases services such as NIS or DNS. The exact behaviour can be configured throught the /etc/nsswitch.conf file. Users and groups are allocated as they are resolved to a range of user and group ids specified by the administrator of the Samb...
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