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NAME    [Toc]    [Back]

     pthread_setschedparam, pthread_getschedparam -- thread scheduling parameter

LIBRARY    [Toc]    [Back]

     Reentrant C Library (libc_r, -lc_r)

SYNOPSIS    [Toc]    [Back]

     #include <pthread.h>

     pthread_setschedparam(pthread_t thread, int policy,
	 const struct sched_param *param);

     pthread_getschedparam(pthread_t thread, int *policy,
	 struct sched_param *param);

DESCRIPTION    [Toc]    [Back]

     The pthread_setschedparam() and pthread_getschedparam() functions set and
     get the scheduling parameters of individual threads.  The scheduling policy
 for a thread can either be SCHED_FIFO (first in, first out) or
     SCHED_RR (round-robin).  The thread priority (accessed via
     param->sched_priority) must be at least PTHREAD_MIN_PRIORITY and no more

RETURN VALUES    [Toc]    [Back]

     If successful, these functions return 0.  Otherwise, an error number is
     returned to indicate the error.

ERRORS    [Toc]    [Back]

     The pthread_setschedparam() function will fail if:

     [EINVAL]		Invalid value for policy.

     [ENOTSUP]		Invalid value for scheduling parameters.

     [ESRCH]		Non-existent thread thread.

     The pthread_getschedparam() function will fail if:

     [ESRCH]		Non-existent thread thread.

STANDARDS    [Toc]    [Back]

     The pthread_setschedparam() and pthread_getschedparam() functions conform
     to Version 2 of the Single UNIX Specification (``SUSv2'')

FreeBSD 5.2.1			  May 1, 2000			 FreeBSD 5.2.1
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