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 vme_manual_setup(7) -- Describes how to
    VMEbus setup allows you to run the operating system on the following VIP/VIC-based AXPvme and Alpha VME systems: AXPvme single-board computers (SBCs) Alpha VME 4/224 and 4/228 SBCs Alpha VME 5/352 and...
 vme_univ_manual_setup(7) -- Describes how
    VMEbus UNIVERSE II setup allows you to run the operating system on UNIVERSE II-based Alpha VME systems. For information about installing the operating system on these systems, see the Installation Gui...
 vmzcore(7) -- compressed memory core dump interface
    The vmzcore character special device file provides access to in-memory compressed kernel core dumps. During the boot sequence, savecore uses this device to recover an existing dump. (See the savecore(...
 xna(7) -- The DEMNA Ethernet interfaces
    The xna driver provides access to a 10-MB Ethernet network through the DEMNA adapter. The DEMNA is an Ethernet-toXMI adapter. The host's Internet address is specified at boot time with an SIOCSIFADDR...
 xti(7) -- General information on XTI
    The X/Open Transport Interface (XTI) specification defines an independent transport-service interface that allows multiple users to communicate at the transport level of the Open Systems Interconnect ...
 xti_internet(7) -- Internet Protocol-specific information on XTI
    This reference page provides protocol-specific information that is relevant for TCP and UDP transport providers. It includes information on the following: General notes Options Functions
 zero(7) -- source of zeroes
    This is a special file that provides a means of obtaining zeroes. A read from a zero special file returns a buffer full of zeroes. This file is of infinite length. Writes to a zero special file succee...
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