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 cyradm(1) -- IMAP administrative client
    The cyradm utility is a simple Tcl-based administrative client for the IMAP server. If invoked with a script, cyradm reads Tcl commandsfrom the file script and evaluates them. If invoked with host, cy...
 date(1) -- Displays or sets the date
    The date command displays the date and, with superuser authority, sets the system date. The date command has been enhanced to support setting the system date past the year 1999, thus providing custome...
 dbx(1) -- source level debugger
    The dbx command invokes a source-level debugger. You can use dbx to debug programs written in C, Fortran, Pascal, assembly language, and machine code. Languages other than these are not supported by d...
 dc(1) -- Provides an interactive desk calculator for arbitrary precision integer arithmetic
    The dc command is an arbitrary precision arithmetic calculator. The dc command takes its input from file or standard input until it reads an End-of-File character. It writes to standard output. The dc...
 dd(1) -- Converts and copies a file
    The dd command reads the specified input file or standard input, does the specified conversions, and copies it to the specified output file or standard output. The input and output block size may be s...
 delta(1) -- Saves editing changes in a Source Code Control System (SCCS) file
    The delta command reads the g-files that correspond to the specified files (see the get(1) reference page) and creates a new delta. The delta command introduces into the named SCCS file any changes th...
 deroff(1) -- Deletes neqn, nroff, and tbl constructs
    The deroff command normally follows chains of included files (.so and requests) and processes those files. If a file was already included, a naming it is ignored and a deroff(1)
 df(1) -- Displays statistics on free disk space
    [Tru64 UNIX] To obtain XCU5.0 compliance, set the environment variable CMD_ENV to xpg4. If the environment variable is not set or it is set to another value, the environment defaults to BSD SVR4. If n...
 diction(1) -- Prints wordy sentences and looks them up in an interactive thesaurus.
    Each phrase found by the diction command is enclosed in [ ] (brackets). Because diction runs deroff before looking at the text, include formatting header files as part of the input. Before using the e...
 diff(1) -- Compares text files
    Input Options If neither file1 nor file2 is a directory, then either can be given as - (dash), in which case the standard input is used. If file1 is a directory and file2 is a file, or vice versa, a f...
 diff3(1) -- Compares three files
    The diff3 command reads three versions of a file and writes to standard output the ranges of text that differ, flagged with the following codes: All three files differ. file1 differs. file2 differs. f...
 diffmk(1) -- Marks differences between files
    The file1 and file2 variables are the old and new versions of the file, respectively. The diffmk command compares them and writes a new version to standard output, which can be redirected to a file. T...
 dircmp(1) -- Compares two directories
    First, dircmp compares the file names in each directory. When the same file name appears in both, dircmp compares the contents of the two files. In the output, dircmp lists the files unique to each di...
 dirname(1) -- Returns the base file name or directory portion of a path name
    The basename command reads the string specified on the command line, deletes the portion from the beginning to the last / (slash), and writes the base file name to standard output. If suffix is specif...
 dis(1) -- Disassemble an object file
    The dis command disassembles object files into machine instructions. Please note that assembler code and machine code can differ on this machine. A file can be an object or an archive.
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