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 unix_release(9r) -- General: Releases binding of the kernel thread
    The unix_release routine releases a kernel thread from being bound to the master CPU. This binding was enforced in a previous call to the unix_master routine.
 unlinkb(9r) -- STREAMS: Removes a message block from the head of a message
    The unlinkb interface removes the first message block from the message block pointed to by the message_ptr argument. The interface returns a pointer to the new message block, minus the removed message...
 unregister_callback(9r) -- General: Deregisters a configuration callback routine
    The unregister_callback routine deregisters a kernel module's configuration callback routine. The kernel module previously registered its routine or routines by calling the register_callback routine....
 untimeout(9r) -- General: Removes the scheduled routine from the callout queues
    The untimeout routine removes the scheduled routine from the callout queue. The specified routine was placed on the callout queue in a previous call to the timeout routine. The argument formal paramet...
 uprintf(9r) -- General: Write formatted text to some output device
    The printf and uprintf routines are scaled-down versions of the corresponding C library routines. The printf routine prints diagnostic information directly on the console terminal and writes ASCII tex...
 vm_map_pageable(9r) -- General: Sets pageability of the specified address range
    The vm_map_pageable routine ensures that the address range you specified in the start and end arguments is accessible. If the address range is accessible by the specified process, the memory associate...
 vtop(9r) -- General: Converts any virtual address to a physical address
    The vtop routine converts a specified virtual address to a physical address.
 wakeup(9r) -- General: Wakes up all processes sleeping on a specified address
    The wakeup routine wakes up all processes sleeping on the address specified by the channel argument. All processes sleeping on this address are awakened and made ready to be scheduled according to the...
 WR(9r) -- STREAMS: Gets a pointer to this module's write queue
    The WR interface accepts a read queue pointer as an argument and returns a pointer to the write queue of the same module.
 write_const_data(9r) -- Modify kernel text or const data that is replicated across RADs on a NUMA platform
    The write_const_data() function modifies kernel text or const data that has been replicated in memory accessed by different CPUs. This function also ensures that the modifications are visible to all C...
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