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 putnext(9r) -- STREAMS: Sends a message to the next module in the stream
    The putnext interface passes a message to the puthere interface of the next queue in the stream.
 putq(9r) -- STREAMS: Puts a message on a queue
    The putq interface puts a message on a driver's queue after the module's put interface has finished processing the message. The putq interface places the message after any other messages of the same...
 qenable(9r) -- STREAMS: Enables a queue
    The qenable interface puts the queue associated with the queue_pointer argument on the linked list of those whose service interfaces are ready to be called by the STREAMS scheduler.
 qreply(9r) -- STREAMS: Sends a message in the reverse direction
    The qreply interface sends a message on a stream in the opposite direction from the queue specified in the queue_pointer argument. It calls the OTHERQ interface to find the queue's module partner.
 qsize(9r) -- STREAMS: Finds the number of messages on a queue
    The qsize interface evaluates the queue associated with the queue_pointer argument and returns the number of messages it contains.
 queue_init(9r) -- General: Initializes the specified queue
    The queue_init routine initializes the specified queue. Kernel modules call this routine prior to calling select_enqueue to initialize the links member of the sel_queue data structure. This member spe...
 RD(9r) -- STREAMS: Gets a pointer to a module's read queue
    The RD interface accepts a write queue pointer as an argument and returns a pointer to the read queue of the same module.
 register_callback(9r) -- General: Registers a configuration callback routine
    The register_callback routine registers a kernel module's callback routine. The kernel calls a kernel module's callback routine when execution reaches the point specified in the point and order argu...
 remque(9r) -- General: Add or remove an element from the queue
    The insque routine adds the element that the elem argument specifies to the queue. The routine inserts elem in the next position after pred in the queue. The remque routine removes the element that th...
 rmalloc(9r) -- General: Allocates size units from the given resource map
    The rmalloc routine allocates size units from the given resource map. In a map, the addresses are increasing, and the list is terminated by a zero size. The actual units managed by the map are arbitra...
 rmfree(9r) -- General: Frees space previously allocated into the specified resource map
    The rmfree routine frees the space previously allocated with a call to rmalloc. It frees a space of the size specified by the size argument at the address specified by the addr argument.
 rmget(9r) -- General: Allocates size units from the given resource map
    The rmget routine allocates the number of units specified in size, starting at the address specified in addr.
 rminit(9r) -- General: Initializes a resource map
    The rminit routine initializes the specified resource map to have mapsize - 2 segments. The routine also identifies this resource map with the string passed to the name argument. It prints this name i...
 rmvb(9r) -- STREAMS: Removes a message block from a message block
    The rmvb interface removes a message block (the message_to_be_removed argument) from a message block (the message_block_ptr argument) and returns a pointer to the altered message block. The rmvb inter...
 rmvq(9r) -- STREAMS: Removes a message block from a queue
    The rmvq interface removes a message block from a queue. You can remove a message block from anywhere on a queue. To prevent modules and drivers from having to deal with the internals of message linki...
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