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 ypmake(8) -- rebuild Network Information Service (NIS) database using the make command
    The make command uses the /var/yp/Makefile file to build an NIS database. With no arguments, make creates databases for any NIS maps that are out-of-date, and then executes yppush(8) to notify slave s...
 yppasswdd(8) -- server daemon for modifying the Network Information Service (NIS) password file
    The yppasswdd daemon is a server that handles password change requests from yppasswd(1). It changes a password entry in the specified file, which is assumed to be in the same format described in passw...
 yppoll(8) -- determine which version of a Network Information Service (NIS) map is at a master NIS server host
    The yppoll command asks a ypserv process for the domain, order number, and master NIS server (also known as map parameters) associated with the named map. If the server is a v.1 NIS protocol server, y...
 yppush(8) -- force propagation of a changed Network Information Service (NIS) map
    The yppush command copies a new version of a Network Information Service (NIS) map from the master NIS server to the slave NIS servers. It is normally run only on the master NIS server by the make uti...
 ypserv(8) -- Network Information Service (NIS) server and binder processes
    The Network Information Service (NIS) provides a distributed data lookup service for sharing data among networked systems. NIS data is stored in database files called maps. The databases consist of db...
 ypset(8) -- point ypbind at a particular server
    The ypset command tells ypbind to get Network Information Service (NIS) map information for the specified domain from the ypserv process running on server. If server is down, or isn't running ypserv,...
 ypsetup(8) -- Sets up the Network Information Service (NIS) environment
    The nissetup (formerly ypsetup) script configures and runs NIS on your system. You can use nissetup to initially set up your NIS configuration, to change your current NIS configuration, or to remove y...
 ypxfr(8) -- Transfer a Network Information Service (NIS) map from a NIS server to the local host
    The ypxfr command moves a NIS map, specified by the mapname argument, to the local host by making use of normal NIS services. It creates a temporary map in the directory /var/yp/domain (which must alr...
 ypxfrd(8) -- High speed NIS map transfer daemon
    The ypxfrd daemon is the transfer agent that handles map transfer requests from yppush on the master server and ypxfr on slave servers and clients. This program performs the actual transfer of the NIS...
 zdump(8) -- Time zone dumper
    The zdump command prints the current time in each zonename named on the command line.
 zeero(8) -- Zero out disks prior to rewrite.
    The zeero command writes zeros throughout a disk partition including the disk label. You must be super user to use this command.
 zic(8) -- Time zone compiler
    The zic compiler reads text from the file(s) named on the command line and creates the time conversion information files specified. If the filename parameter is specified as a dash (-), the standard i...
 adjmsg(9r) -- STREAMS: Removes the specified number of bytes from a message
    The adjmsg interface removes a specified number of bytes from a message. The absolute value of the len_to_trim argument specifies how many bytes that adjmsg removes. If the number of bytes passed to l...
 allocb(9r) -- STREAMS: Allocates a message block
    The allocb interface attempts to allocate a STREAMS message block. Buffer allocation fails only when the system is out of memory. If no buffer is available, you can call the bufcall interface, which h...
 assert_wait_mesg(9r) -- General: Asserts that the current kernel thread is about to block (sleep)
    The assert_wait_mesgroutine asserts that the current kernel thread is about to block (sleep) until the specified event occurs. This routine sets a thread wait bit in the pointer to the thread structur...
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