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 xkill(1X) -- kill a client by its X resource
    The xkill command is a utility for forcing the X server to close connections to clients. This program is very dangerous, but is useful for aborting programs that have displayed undesired windows on a ...
 xload(1X) -- system load average display for X
    The xload program displays a periodically updating histogram of the system load average.
 xlogo(1X) -- X Window System logo
    The xlogo program displays the X Window System logo.
 xlsatoms(1X) -- list interned atoms defined on server
    The xlsatoms command lists the interned atoms. By default, all atoms starting from 1 (the lowest atom value defined by the protocol) are listed until unknown atom is found. If an explicit range is giv...
 xlsclients(1X) -- list client applications running on a display
    The xlsclients command is a utility for listing information about the client applications running on a display. It may be used to generate scripts representing a snapshot of the user's current sessio...
 xlsfonts(1X) -- server font list displayer for X
    The xlsfonts command lists the fonts that match the given pattern. The wildcard character "*" may be used to match any sequence of characters (including none), and "?" to match any single characte...
 xmag(1X) -- magnify parts of the screen
    The xmag program allows you to magnify portions of an X screen. The magnification occurs on the screen specified by the $DISPLAY environmental variable or by the -display command line option regardles...
 xman(1X) -- Manual page display program for the X Window System
    The xman program is a manual page browser. The default size of the initial xman window is small so that you can leave it running throughout your entire login session. In the initial window there are t...
 xmbind(1X) -- Configures virtual key bindings
    xmbind is an X Window System client that configures the virtual key bindings for Motif applications. This action is performed by mwm at its startup, so the xmbind client is only needed when mwm is not...
 xmesh(1) -- Reports utilization percentages of EV7 based AlphaServer systems mesh components.
    You use the xmesh application to view a mesh, which is the interconnection of CPUs on EV7 based AlphaServer systems. The xmesh application reports the percent of utilization for the hardware component...
 xmh(1X) -- send and read mail with an X interface to MH
    The xmh program provides a graphical user interface to the MH Message Handling System. To actually do things with your mail, it makes calls to the MH package. Electronic mail messages may be composed,...
 xmkmf(1X) -- create a Makefile from an Imakefile
    The xmkmf command is the normal way to create a Makefile from an Imakefile shipped with third-party software. When invoked with no arguments in a directory containing an Imakefile, the imake program i...
 xmodmap(1X) -- utility for modifying keymaps in X
    The xmodmap program is used to edit and display the keyboard modifier map and keymap table that are used by client applications to convert event keycodes into keysyms. It is usually run from the user...
 Xnest(1X) -- a nested X server
    Xnest is a client and a server. Xnest is a client of the real server which manages windows and graphics requests on its behalf. Xnest is a server to its own clients. Xnest manages windows and graphics...
 xon(1X) -- start an X program on a remote machine
    The xon program runs the specified command (default xterm -ls) on the remote machine using rsh, remsh, or rcmd. xon passes the DISPLAY, XAUTHORITY and XUSERFILESEARCHPATH environment variables to the ...
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