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 xearth(1X) -- displays a shaded image of the Earth in the root window
    xearth sets the X root window to an image of the Earth, as seen from your favorite vantage point in space, correctly shaded for the current position of the Sun. By default, xearth updates the displaye...
 xedit(1X) -- simple text editor for X
    The xedit program provides a window consisting of the following four areas: A set of commands that allow you to exit xedit, save the file, or load a new file into the edit window. Displays xedit messa...
 xemacs(1) -- emacs editor
    The emacs software is unsupported software that is provided as part of Tru64 UNIX. We will fix problems in this unsupported software only if they are specific to Tru64 UNIX. We will not fix problems t...
 xev(1X) -- print contents of X events
    The xev program creates a window and then asks the X server to send it events whenever anything happens to the window (such as being moved, resized, typed in, clicked in, and so forth.). You can also ...
 xeyes(1X) -- a follow the mouse X demo
    The xeyes program watches what you do and reports to the Boss.
 xfd(1X) -- display all the characters in an X font
    The xfd utility creates a window containing the name of the font being displayed, a row of command buttons, several lines of text for displaying character metrics, and a grid containing one glyph per ...
 xfontsel(1X) -- point & click interface for selecting X11 font names
    The xfontsel application provides a simple way to display the fonts known to your X server, examine samples of each, and retrieve the X Logical Font Description ("XLFD") full name for a font. If -pa...
 xfs(1X) -- X font server
    xfs is the X Window System font server. It supplies fonts to X Window System display servers.
 xgas(1X) -- animated simulation of an ideal gas
    xgas is a physical simulation of an ideal gas in a heated box. Gas molecules move around the box with velocities dependent on their temperature. A chamber consisting of two boxes contains the gas mole...
 xgc(1X) -- X graphics demo
    The xgc program demonstrates various features of the X graphics primitives. Try the buttons, see what they do; we have not the time to document them, perhaps you do?
 xhost(1X) -- server access control program for X
    The xhost program is used to add and delete host names or user names to the list allowed to make connections to the X server. In the case of hosts, this provides a rudimentary form of privacy control ...
 xieperf(1X) -- XIE server extension test and demo program
    The xieperf program is based upon R5 x11perf(1X), and while not entirely comprehensive in its coverage of the XIE protocol (see BUGS, below), it is intended to be useful in the evaluation of XIE imple...
 xkbcomp(1X) -- compile XKB keyboard description
    The xkbcomp keymap compiler converts a description of an XKB keymap into one of several output formats. The most common use for xkbcomp is to create a compiled keymap file (.xkm extension) which can b...
 xkbdfltmap(1X) -- Determine default X keymap for locale and keyboard
    The xkbdfltmap command queries the system console for the language and keyboard settings. Then, based upon whether the XKB server extension is active in the server, it will optionally download an xmod...
 xkbprint(1X) -- print an XKB keyboard description
    The xkbprint command generates a printable or encapsulated PostScript description of the XKB keyboard description specified by source. The source can be any compiled keymap (.xkm) file that includes a...
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